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Well here I am lost again! Can someone help me home? I really didn’t mean to go so far. But it is kind of a cool castle like place. I need a castle.

Oh and we have made this photo so that it gets bigger if you click on it, although we don’t think that will help!

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  1. What a neat castle! Mom thinks it is Solvang, the little Dutch colony in the central coast of California. Did you see the windmill?


  2. I’m guess you are in Finland? You look so cute up there!

  3. You look like you are in a chalet in Switzerland to me.

  4. We just hope you don’t fall out of there!

  5. Definitely europe, switzerland or Germany. Be careful up there, Chey! xx

  6. Miss Peach says:

    HA! You are in Leavenworth across the street fron Sandy’s Waffel house! Did you go to Uncle Ulli’s Pub and have a bratwurst? My mouth is watering…it is Octoberfest right now!

  7. Mum says it looks Bavarian, but we don’t know what that means. It is pretty where-ever it is.

  8. I think that Miss Peach is right!
    Have a bratwurst and enjoy!

  9. Oh! If you are in Leavenworth, Mom says she’d love a frosty mug. It’s still miserable degrees hot here!

  10. Sorry I can’t help you!!
    Wave some food out the window,maybe I can find you 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  11. I figure you’ve ended up at Oktoberfest, so I’m guessing (totally guessing) the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg. I was going to go with Neuschwanstein Castle except I can’t imagine a street light near that castle anywhere. Seriously, though, if you were counting on me to help you get home I don’t think you stand a chance…

  12. that looks like Tony’s hideout – i mean vacation home – in switzerland. – Sammy

  13. Miss Peach! I know you would get it.

    psst…. Sammy don’t tell but sometimes Tony hides out there too–it’s much tricker than when he hides out in Europe!

  14. Are you playing Rapunzel?

    Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let down yur furs soes I may climb up an rescyoo yoo. Hehehe.

    Seriusly doh, I hav no ideeya ware yoo are, but dat waz funs.

  15. I think it’s Switzerland, near Germany. Chey, you look like rapunzel getting ready to let down your hair.

    Crap, someone already said that, I thought i was original.

  16. Is it in Austria where the von Trapp family from Sound of Music live?

  17. Oh darn Chance said what I was going to!!! I bet you’re with Merlin and Dragonheart somewhere.

  18. We fink Switzerland. Mebbe a skiing place?

    Luf, Us

  19. ps: we had problems with Bloglines off and on the last couple of days. It seems okay today (so far).

  20. Momma said dat the furst fing dat came to her wuz Swisserland…we has nefur been der a’fore so we is not sure. But she said she had and it reminded her of the trip she took…

    ********HEllloooooooooooooooo Miss Gemini*************
    Have a wunderfulll weekends…

    your boyfriendcat

  21. I don’t know where you’re at, Chey, but it’s furry purretty there, and wowie, you look like you’re superduper high up!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. Wherever you are, Chey, it looks lovely, and what a view you must have from up there!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  23. Well, that blue and white check flag is a Bavarian flag, so I think you are in Bavaria, southern Germany. My humans have been to Berchtesgarten (sp?) in Bavaria and also to Munich. Are you somewhere round there?

    Fat Eric

  24. are you in Leavenworth Chey????????

  25. Miss Peach says:

    Yeah I am the winner! My bean kid just called me from Leavenworth and they are having Oktoberfest this weekend…I could hear the music playing Oooompapap in the backround! He will bring back chocolates and mustard, curry ketchup, and lots of bakery good when he comes home. I love Leavenworth, it is mommies home away from home.
    Love Miss Peachy

  26. We think you must be in Germany at an Octoberfest celebrationvisiting Chica and Pumuckl since this is the month lots of Germans foods and beers gets eaten and drunk.

  27. Are you in Austria near where they did the Sound of Music. FAZ

  28. Oh Chey, are you lost again? You really should bring a GPS with you.

    The mountains look very much like in my home of British Columbia, but I don’t think you are there, hmph…I have no idea.

  29. =sigh= These things always make me feel stupid. And I’m not, I’m freaking BRILLIANT!!!

  30. mamacat & the furrypurries says:

    Yes, Chey, our mamacat figured you were somewhere in Leavenworth. She was there only once many years ago, but the “Castle” definitely looked like Leavenworth. Enjoy Oktoberfest!!
    MamaCat & the FurryPurries
    Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & baby Honey

  31. Well indeed you are right.

    Max, I’m there and I don’t know where I am!

  32. Mommeh saz eeder Switzerland, or Austria!

    She finks iz Zurick, but canna be sures!

  33. “Chey – you make my day,
    You light up my life,
    And give me strenght,
    To carry on,
    Oh Chey – you light up my day!”

    “One fine day, Chey
    You’ll look at me,
    And you will know our friendship,
    Was meant to be,
    One fine day, Chey,
    You’re gonna want me
    For your friend.”

    Um – we heard it on the grapevine, that you were goin’ around sayin’… that nothing rhymes with you name.

  34. Chey,

    My guess is that you are in Transylvania!


  35. Speaking of Chey’s name (you were speaking of her in the comments at the Ballicus Blog), we’re curious about where she got her name. Well, most likely from her mom. But we’re thinking it has some meaning or significance? Perhaps you knew when you first saw her she would one day run for President and you would want her to stand out from the crowd of everyday names?

    And Chey, once again, we haven’t a clue where you are. We were wondering when we saw the flag flying if you are at a racetrack in the Swiss Alps. But it’s probably hard to put a racetrack on a mountain.

  36. Well I wouldn’t have had a clue but I see there’ve been some correct guesses before I got here, heh heh, so I shall just say somewhere in America!!! 🙂 xxx

  37. Wow! Is that Rapunzel’s tower?

  38. I was just going to say – if you had long hair you could be Rapunzel, Chey!

  39. Not sure where it is (and I haven’t peeked yet at the other comments) but I have irresistible urgez to yodel… 😉

  40. I know – it’s Rapunzel’s castle!

  41. Well I wuz definitely thinkin Octoberfest. I lerned all about that from the moovie Beerfest.

  42. Willow and I were going to guess Lake Tahoe since our mom and dad were just there and they do have a lot of Bavarian looking houses there… anyway, we are just happy to see you!

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

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