Thankful Thursday

Well, I am thankful that Georgia is doing well enough to be excited about the Skeezy hat. I am a bit miffed that she seems to think it’s okay for her to wear or something… sheesh..

Just before the people left, she was suddenly unable to lift her tail. She didn’t seem overly bothered by it so long as the Woman didn’t mess with it. She still can’t lift her tail high like she used to, but her behind goes up when she is petted and it looks like she tries to raise it. She hasn’t been quite as happy but she always has a hard time when it gets rainy and it is rainy. The Woman thinks that it is close to contacting the vet and getting her a new remedy.

Oh and for all you hats go on heads people–well you wear your hat where you want and we’ll wear our hats where we want, okay?

I am also thankful for being featured on Snuzzy last week as a candidate. Can you believe it?! Me. I am so thrilled. And someone even told the Blogosphere before I did! How cool is that?! Now, maybe I can get myself into those debates… someone thinks that cats can’t debate. Humph.


  1. Wowww…. being featured on Snuzzy!!!!!
    You are so famous!!!

  2. Yay Chey! We feature only the best purresidential candidates on Snuzzy and you, of course, made the cut. I look forward to hearing your debate stance on Furriday. I think that the humans will be startled to see a cat show up and start pitching platforms! Good luck!


  3. Ahhhh , you looks SO cute in this photo.

  4. I didn’t wanna sound too negative, according to Dr. Jacobson, or maybe it was Jacobs, head of the neuro unit at shands hosp. He found 2 recorded cases like this, neither patient survived the surgery.

    I did not speak to him, he spoke to my ortho surgeon.
    If.. I survive the surgery..
    there will be a horizontal as well as vertical incision in my abdomen, then about a 12 inch incision in my back.

    So.. I just don’t know,I have had 6 previous back surgeries this last year.. but never a anterior approach..
    I just don’t know..

    I have had 3 bouts of home IV antibiotics,none have cured the infection, however when they put me on zynax, the bone started being eaten more aggressively.

    So right now, we need to get the infection slowed down, they have never been able to identify the bacteria that started this mess..

    Dr. Cauthen in Gainesville is attempting to get/gather/encourage information for me.. He deserves some extra special blessings!

    I’m hoping and praying..
    Please do the same.

  5. The surgery date depends on the CRP and sed rate.. if they come down dramatically, they will operate in a month, if not.. then 6 weeks..
    Really I an not trying to sound “poor me”!

  6. Does the hat smell of Skeezix Georgia? Maybe Chey will let you borrow it now and again.

  7. Look at that!!! Georgia is indeed beautiful and super!!!!!
    She seems to really like your hat too 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  8. Didn’t mean to imply that your hat/butt wearing was anything out of the ordinary 😉

    Ask your mom if she thinks acupuncture would help with a plethora of scar tissue after surgery?

  9. Hiya Miss Georgia
    You sure do look purrtee wearin dat hat, well you are a lovely lady cat with or without that hat. We hopes you continue to do so well and we hope that the new remedy will help you when it rains…

    Helllllllllloooooooooo my gorgeous Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  10. We’s fankful Georgia feels purrty good too. We hopes the rim-edee helps her feels better too.
    ::whispers:: It wuz us who tolded the CB bout Snuzzy. We was so happee they had yoo on their post!

  11. I’m always amazed at Georgia, I hope I’m just like her when I’m her age.

  12. Georgia, you look fabulous in that hat. You are very fashion-forward to wear it that way, too.

  13. Beautipuss girl! Whare that hat howefur yoo want!

  14. We’re glad Georgia is doing okay, we get unhappy when it rains too. Sunbeams are so much better. Yoo wear dat hat however yoo want!

  15. Awww… I would hardly wear a cap as I’m afraid to lose one anymore. The last one flew away when I was out fishing in the deep sea. If anyone saw a marlin, dolphin or a tuna with a Mickey Mouse ears cap, please get that fish to return to me 😛

  16. That is neat to be featured on Snuzzy! Good to know that Georgia is doing better. And I say wear your hat where ever you want to.

  17. we are thankful that georgia is excited about the hat too. we hopes that the v-e-t can find a new remedy for her

  18. Heh heh, we would LOVE to see you in the debates. If there is going to BE a debate!


  19. Georgia were glad yur feelin ok some. we feel bad abowt yur tail but hope yur feelin gud.
    Chey that wuz nise of yoo ta share the Skeezie hat wiff yur sissy.

  20. Poor Georgia’s fur looks a good deal like Bow’s does nowadays.

    Luf, Us

  21. Wow, it’s hard to tell hoo the hat looks better on! I reely LOVE the idea of starting a butt-hat craze. After all, nuthin cood be stoopider than waring way baggy pants so low that yer wasteband is around yer neez and yer underpants are showing.

  22. Georgia looks so cute!You are fabulous.I like the hat as well.

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