Thankful Thursday

Today, when we remember the loss of so many people, I think the perfect time to be grateful for those we value. Yesterday we were hugging Mom Robyn and Mo. Today we have another wonderful list from our comments. Let’s go out and be appreciative of how much all of them do!

And who did you hug?

Robyn hugged ML

I add ML to the list for sure. Without the “glue” she provides on a daily basis, the CB would have fallen apart. I may have started something and still participate, but she carries it on daily for everyone.

Gandalf and Grayson:

We hug the entire Cat Blogosphere! (((HUGS)))

(Which of course proves you have to have a community to organize!)

Merlin and Dragonheart added DKM to the list:

We will give virtual hugs to Mom Robyn, Mom ML, and DKM. They are amazing!

Latte wants to hug ME! (oh isn’t that sweet!)

Yeah we want to add your Mom to the hugs list! We’re behind you 1,000% and its important to be thankful of those who do so much for our communities and never get thanks. You and your mom visit so many kitties and always have a kind word. Plus you’re willing to voice your opinions which is great!

Ping wants to hug Gemini, but well, that’s Ping…

Jeter Harris wants to add Skeezix:

i wood like to add skeezix da cat to dat list. he wuz instrumental in mi blogger beginninz. he iz mi “go to cat” wen i hav sum teknical difficultiez … an he haz sum grate contestz.
da cat blogosphere izza grate community an i’m glad to be a part uv it!
thank u chey!

Jeter, thank you for that. Skeezix and his family have always been great at answering a variety of questions and we really appreciate that! And how many of blog because of him?

And in that vein–how many of us blog because of Max? I doubt he wants hugs, but hey–we can force them on him!


  1. We gives hugs to ALL da cats in da blogosphere cuz they has all been so supportive during our blurpy adoption journey.

    P.S. – fanks fer joining us in our celebration yesterday!

  2. This is a great idea. I am blogging because of Max and Oreo. I would love to hug them both, but Oreo hasn’t posted since last November. I really miss him.

  3. We can’t imagine a day without the CB, even if it still means that we have no earthly idea where Chey is on Fridays!

  4. We want to hug all our friends in the Blogosphere!!!

  5. We can meow in complaint, turn our noses up at stinky goodness. We can miss the litter box from time to time.
    We can scratch at good furniture and jump to high places we can’t get down from. We can whine, we can moan, we can put on the bitey and wake the beans from their sleep. But when all is said and done: we give love and receive love. And today each of us kitties should give a SPECIAL WARM HUG to the humans who love and care for us. And send a hug heavenward to those we have loved and lost…

  6. we are blogging because of Max. And Derby. And Timmy and William and Oreo (and we sure miss Oreo)

  7. What great HUGS that have been passed on 🙂
    That’s the kind of community I like to live in!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  8. That’s a whole lot of great hugs! Once again it just proves what a great community we are in. Hugs for all! <3

  9. I’m very happy we can hug so many! We hugged you on our blog today specially.

  10. Today is a good day for hugging those we love.

  11. Us Ballicai are huggin you and efurrybodies inna Cat Bloggiesphere! It’s the sweetest and most loving and supportive place onna innernets.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. Oh, what delightful hugs! The Cat Blogosphere is such a wonderful place — I am hugging everybody!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  13. {{{Hugs}}} from all of us to all of you!

    Luf, Us

  14. I gave the human a massive hug! Honestly – I hugged her leg so hard it started to bleed! THAT is showing affection for you.

    Oh, ok, maybe I didn’t hug her exactly, unless you call hugging bunnkykicking??xx

  15. I can’t imagine a day without visiting all my friends..if my mom can’t get on the computer for some reason, she just KNOWS she’s missing something important! I hug all of you!

  16. Hugs to everyone from us! We hope all the new bloggers will feel welcome here at CB.

    Mindy & Moe

  17. I know that i am very thankful for all of my kitty friends here. Everycat is a treasure.

  18. Mom and I hugged before she left for Atlanta this morning. Hurry back, Mom!

  19. We think you are all awesome. And of COURSE you are our candidate, Chey. Only you!


  20. ((((((((((hugs))))))))) Especially to Max. hehehehe

  21. We blog because of our inspiration, Max the Psychokitty! Hey man, get over here…everyone wants to hug you.

  22. We’s a little late…but we would like to hug owr Daddy, his frineds, and all of the rest of owr military members. AND all of the CB!!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

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