Thankful Thursday

Momma is BACK!! YEAH! And almost rested. I am ever so happy.

And I have sun!!!

This is all good. The only bad thing is that Dad has to watch the RNC and all the silly things they are saying. Momma hates it and yells at the television and then I have to move. I do not like that.

But it is better than last week! And look! There are two photos of me this week! YEAH!

Oh and Cheysuli wanted me to ask: Does anyone want to send her semi famous places near them so she can go visit for Find Chey Friday? You can email us at Cheysuli AT mysiamese DOT com


  1. I’d like to send a photo. I live by one of The World Peace Bells in Northern Kentucky.

  2. Mommy and Grammy kant watch that show neether. Thay jes talk about it and say wurds on the bad wurd list.

  3. We did not watch the silly Democats last week and we are not watchin the Republicats this week…

  4. We have no idea what the RNC is, but we guess it has to do with American politics.

    Enjoy the sun and spending some time with your mom!

  5. I am so so so HAPPY for you that your mommy is back!!!!
    Stay with her!!!!

  6. Good picture, Gemini! An we’re glad yer Mommy is back…

  7. Looking ggod, Gemini! We’re glad that your Mom is getting her priorities right now – who cares about work? Doesn’t she know that it’s always about the cat(s)…

    Purring in sympathy,

    Gypsy & Tasha

  8. mommy refuses to watch the “dog and pony show” of the conventions. WE would like to watch a dog and pony show thought. that sounds like fun.

  9. we are so happy that our pet humans had their cable turned off 3 years ago…. so they were not able to see us at the convention last night… hope yours did not see you there…

    good work……… we are off to switzerland again….

  10. Glad you momma is back! Hmmm famous places? Sounds like a something fun. Momma said she may do some photo scouting. 🙂

  11. *woo hoo*

    My day is complete…I juss got to see my special gurlfriendcat and efurryfing is great!

    Helllloooo my purrfect Miss Gemini…

    your boyfriendcat

  12. We’ll have to search for some more pictures for Chey. Its great that your mom is back!

  13. Everything is better when the mom is home!

  14. We’ll see if we have any good pictures to share since my guess have been so so far off lately, maybe I could actually recognize my own picture, but probably not. My Mom and Dad refuse to watch the conventions … just a bunch of preaching to the choirs.

  15. Yay for Mom being home!!! Pooh pooh on your Dad watching the RNC.

    Luf, Us

  16. We’re glad your mum is back. Our mum says she will look through her photos, (local and holiday)

  17. Tell Cheysuli she can visit numerous places in SC. We have historic Charleston and beautiful beaches at Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head.

  18. Hi Gemini – it’s always good to see you. I’ll have mom look through some of her photos.

  19. Good picture, Gemini! An we’re glad yer Mommy is back…

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