Tabby Tuesday

Gemini looking out the window

Gemini looking out the window

I am looking out my window to see what is happening.

I heard the last time the market crashed, people jumped out of windows. No one is jumping out their window here. I do not know why they did not use the door.

Momma says that we don’t live on Wall Street and that those windows were way high in the sky. I should like a window high in the sky! I bet that would be fun to look out rather than having them all be a ground level…

It is sunny here and I am going to enjoy it for as long as I can! It will start raining again soon, I know.

And now I am going to stay in my sun and purr for Auntie Deb!


  1. Look but don’t jump Chey! Lucky that cats don’t have to worry about money… is this why cats don’t have pockets?

  2. Trust me Gemini,I don’t think you would want to see beans trying to fly!! They might be throwing stuff out of the windows though. Unless it’s treats I would not be interested. The view up high might be nice though .
    Enjoy the sunshine. I think we might get some too 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  3. I wonder who sweeps all the stuff up when a market crashes…

  4. Our Nana is glued to the TV watching all that stuff. Our Grampy was born the year before the 1929 Stock Market Crash. His childhood was during the depression. He really hopes that does not happen again.

  5. Mommy says she is scared to look at our green papers for retirement. It is a scary time for the beans. I’m glad I am a kitty…

  6. Yep, it’s better to be a kitty and enjoy the view out of the window, Gemini. The only time we even think about jumping out the window is when we are in the bathroom. Outside that window is a big cedar tree, really close, and the birdies are usually hopping around on the branches. Mom says ‘no’ don’t even think about it. We can dream though…..tasty birds,uuummm.

    Mindy & Moe

  7. I hope my allowance does not get cut.

  8. Actually since all of this economy stuff started Meowmy is reading up on the Great Depression and an interesting fact is that there were actually less suicides in the year after the crash than the year before.

    Oh, and Chase jumped out a window once. 2 stories up, he said it chipped his fang and wasn’t fun.

  9. That’s a very artsy photo of Gemini ~ Enjoy the sunshine on your furs!

  10. I don’t think yoo can see much out of a window way up in da sky. We is gonna purr fur Anty Deb today and sure hope dat serjeree goes well fur her. Mommy sez der were foolish beans dat did dat over money…money is not worth dying for she sez.

  11. Mom says this whole market thing is scary, and Dad is freaking out…he is retired now and worried about his money to live on. Mom says to hang tight, so I guess Dad won’t be jumping out a window anytime soon….

    You look so pretty Gemini!


  12. Aww, you look so peaceful.
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  13. and I thought you might be lookin out your window for me!

    :::kitty grins:::::

    your boyfriendcat

  14. We still have some sun, but we agree… up higher would be wonderful!

  15. That’s a furry beeyootiful pickshure of you, Gemini! Yes, it’s much nicer to look out of windows than to jump out of ’em. And the only thing I know about crashes is when I whap somethin off onto the floor and it breaks, hehe!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  16. Gemini, you are looking lovely as always! And I don’t understand much about crashes, either. I don’t hear things crashing much because I’m deaf in one ear!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  17. Silly Beans jumping out of windows.
    We hope you get plenty more sun.Ours has gone away again and sent the rain back.

  18. I hope no one jumps, not anywhere. Flying is for birds!

  19. You look so sweet. we have been very tricky with mom for pictures

  20. I hope nobody jumps out of the windows here. It would give me a fright. Lynettea says ‘Don’t be silly Diamond.’ She is always saying that, but I may be right to have my fears.

  21. Instead of thinking about the bad economy and going out the window enjoy your view and be on the lookout for a birdie or squirrel.

  22. Reading yur bloggy I am impresst with how bizzy yoo haff all bin. Its anuther rezun I’m supporting Chey’s campane. One guy kant even walk and chew gum at the same time. Chey haz a grate staff too.

    I thot I felt the stock markit crash the other morning when I wuz sleeping on the bed. But it wuz jes Daddy rolling ofur.

  23. That is a beautiful picture of your profile!

  24. High windows are no fun. You don’t see anything. You see much more activity on the ground.


  25. With all the work we were doing today, we had to get Auntie Deb’s prayer graphic back up among the first things.

    We’ve changed colors so many times today, if it wasn’t green when you came by, you’re going to be surprised next visit.

    We’re glad no one is jumping out windows there. Not a safe thing to do. Even if you live near the ground.

  26. We are so sad about this government. Bush’s government has done so much damage in the 8 years he’s been our leader, god help us!

  27. That’s such a nice profile you have, Gemini…

    That’s a reasonable question, too. Humans tend to worry that things will crash, but do they ask where?

    My human watches the news and says things like “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” and “This too shall pass.”

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