Tabby Tuesday

YEAH! Momma came home!

And I am the first to blog! YEAH!

I am ever so thankful how many people can by to trash the house with me. I did not clean up because Momma didn’t bring me anything. Did you know that if she had waited to go for another couple of weeks, she could have met Miss Peach?!

So I have a lot of napping and purring and reading to do because this has been a very long weekend.


  1. I am so happy for you that your mom is back~!!!!
    Mommy is the best person in the whole world~!

  2. Well, it’s about time your mom came home! She is not supposed to leave home without you. Except to go to work so she can support Chey’s Presidential campaign and keep you in greenies.

  3. Always good to have mom back. I so missed my SS when she was gone for so long.

  4. Yes, it’s always better once Mom’s back home!

  5. So glad she’s back. Curl up for double cuddles!

  6. We’re glad your mum is back, but she could have brought you something.

  7. Hooray! I’m so glad she’s back!

  8. Where’s Chey??? I’m going through Chey withdrawl.

  9. I’m glad she came home! That’s a great picture of you. Looks like you found the perfect sun spot.

  10. Humans! Glad she’s back though. It’s handy to have opposable thumbs around the house.

  11. Hooray for your mom being back! Did you get any souvenirs?

  12. Oh, I’m so glad your mom’s home! Enjoy the day!

  13. *woo hoo*

    Miss Gemini is back and beautiful…

    *woo hoo*

    She is laying in the sunshine and getting nice and warm.

    Miss Gemini I am so glad your Mom is back.

    Your boyfriendcat

  14. Dat housetrashin pawty wuz OFF THE HOOK! No dowt yoo haff sum nappin to catch up on. I’m glad yur peeple got home safe. Yoo got sum skritches to catch up on too!

  15. I am glad your Mom is home and glad you left the mess!!!!!
    hahahahahahaha!!!!! Have a good nap 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  16. Is good to have da bean home isn’t it! Yoo kinda confoozed mom, what’s a “blue” educational comment?

  17. Hahahaha! Glad your Momma’s home and your house is messy like mine! 🙂 xxx

  18. Oh no. Cr*p. We missed da howse trashin party. Gasp! Were we aposed to be quiet bout dat? What howse trashing party? Well we am glad to see yur Mom is back home so no howse trashin parties can go on.

  19. Hey, Chey, yer feecherd in the Catster noozletter!

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