Tabby Tuesday

Oh look it! I was rolling in the sun last week. I was so happy to be rolling around. I did not have to go t the vet and the other two did. That made me happy.

I am more sad this week. I am sad that my friend Daisy lost her big sister Pixie. I know that Daisy really liked her even if she wasn’t always nice. I am not always nice to Georgia but I really really like her.

I am also a bit worried. Momma said she would be gone for a long weekend this weekend so that Cheysuli could not do a find Chey Friday. That means she will not be around for me either. I am not sure about the pet sitter. I let her see that I exist but I do not like other people in my house. I am very shy. Momma is going to go to Leavenworth over next weekend. I think Miss Peach only goes there near Christmas otherwise I would ask her to keep an eye out.


  1. Oh that tum! Must. Snorgle. Tum.

  2. Oh you have such a wunnerful floofy snuggldybug tummy! And you look like yur havin so much fun rollin around inna sunnyshines.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  3. Well, aren’t you floofy! πŸ™‚

    I hope this weekend goes better with the sitter than you fear.

  4. Chey’s Mum!!! NO TICKLE TOES!

  5. That is sooooooo cute! I love the green eye peeking out from the paw. My mom is supposed to go to D.C. from Wednesday until Saturday, but I think the grandbeans are going to check on me.

  6. You floof around like THAT an the pet sitter will give ya lots of attention and scritches!

  7. Your Mom can leave you when you got to all that trouble to look so cute??? She must have a hard heart. We hope the sitter isn’t as bad as you fear.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  8. That is a very neat pose of you~!
    So so floofy and lovely!

  9. Ware’s yer Spot 13?

  10. Oh, your tummy is just so floofy!

    Watch out – my Mum is coming to snorgle your floofiness! Run Gemini, run!

  11. No Find Chey Friday? Chey will not be pleased.

  12. It seems many cats require belly rubs today!

  13. Gemini – I am sorry that your Mom is going on a long weekend. I know how lonely kitties get, trust me, I have been Daddyless for days!

  14. G is for gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  15. were sury yur moms goin away fur tha weekend. naybe yull get alot of petting before she leafs.

  16. Gemini,Mom really wants to snorgle that floofy belly!!!
    If your Mom is gone then we will really have hard time finding Chey πŸ˜‰
    I hope your sitter is nice.I hate when Mom goes away!!
    Purrs Mickey

  17. OH MY CAT……WHAT A LOT OF FLOOOFFFFF!!!!! Mommy is going crazy!!!! Want her to teleport over and give you some belly rubs?????

  18. Even I have to admit you look adorable there!!!! Sorry your mom is going away for the weekend. Why don’t you all come to our house and we can re-fur up the couch. I think you’d be great helping with that!!

  19. Leavenworth? isn’t that like a prison?? Is your mommy going to jail???? OH NOES!!!!

  20. Leavenworth!!!!! AAAaack! That’s a prison for bad people! I KNOW your mommy cannot be a bad person..unless she did something bad..did she? Will she be makin’ big rocks into little ones? Will she wear one of those stripey pajamas uniforms? Or the bright orange jumpsuit? Will she get a tattoo? I’ve heard that everybody at Leavenworth has to get a tattoo..something like “Sweetcakes” or somesuch..Are you sure she’s goin’ to Leavenworth..? ::shakes head:: That just can’t be…

  21. You look very cute and fuffy rolling around in the sun. Have a nice Tabby Tuesday!

  22. I do not like other people in my house, either!
    I hide until they are gone. I hope you will not hide from the sitter because you need to eat and get scritches!
    ~ Anna Sue

  23. Oh Gemini you are so cute there stretching out in the sunshine. We are sad to hear about ms Daisy and will head over to her blog next. Isn’t it horrible when our Mom’s leave us and we are SO LONELY without her. *sigh* Our Moms should think of our feelings more.

  24. I have learned that it is best to show your sister that you love her while you have the chance.

  25. you are the floofiest kitty I seen!

  26. Mommy wants to snorgle your floofy tummy!

    Good luck with the petsitter . . . luckily our Grandmama is our petsitter, so we don’t have to worry about strangers.

  27. We don’t like other people coming in our house either. Hang in there.

    Luf, Us

  28. Gemini, that is one of the most adorable pictures we have ever seen! You made us smile so big!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  29. Pooh Bear always leaves me a nice “surprise” on the floor to greet me when I leave him for trips. Perhaps you should do the same.

    That picture of you – in our house, we call that “snurfeling”. Pooh snurfles on the floor in the sunbeams, too.

  30. i’m lookin on da brite side …
    if dere iz no “find chey” dis week … i won’t havta say “i hav no idear.”

  31. You found a sunbeam!! We love sunbeams!!

  32. You are so floofy we had a hard time making out what parts were what.

  33. Wow dat’s a lot of floof…oh, we see yoor tung, um, we think it’s yoor tung…

  34. Oh what a glorious tummy!

  35. Hey, I was lying like that today too. We could be twins. Well apart from you are much floofier than me. Apart from that, who would know the difference. Oh I nearly didn’t notice. We are different colours too.

  36. Your Mummy is going away! Oh no!!!! I think Mummies should be banned fwom going off without us!

  37. Look at that floofy tummy! Great Photo. We are glad you didn’t have to visit the vet, Gemini. We don’t like it when the beans go away either….why do they do that?

    Mindy & Moe

  38. Look at that belly! Who could leave that?

  39. Oh, no. You’re being abandoned for a long weekend? That’s cruel and abusive. You should have treats and scritches from your own mom on weekends. And week days. How could she even think of leaving her furry babies?

  40. OH NO, no Find Chey Friday!! How can it be?????????

  41. You look like a feather duster – a very cute one!

    BTW We’ve added you to the blogs we follow list, but we can’t get that widget thinggy to show up on our front page πŸ™ working on it!

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