Tabby Tuesday

We have heard way too much about Cheysuli and the election. I will be glad when it is over. I hope that she wins so she can live in the White House with someone and I can live here with Momma and Georgia.

Momma is done with the heavy working and so she has time to brush me again! I am quite happy about that. Now maybe she’ll be getting some current photos. We haven’t had sun for a few days and so this one is outdated.

Wow! I am so honored. Pyewacket, Trixie and Tigger gave us an I love your blog award. I am sure it is because of me!

Oh and Mindy and Moe gave us the Best Friends Forever Gold Card! I am ever so thrilled with that too! Friends are the bestest!


  1. Congratulations on the awards! You sure look pretty, Gemini, even without brushing!

  2. I’m purrty sure I wouldn’t wanna live in the White House, just think of all that white paint šŸ™

  3. Gemini, I am very happy for you finally have good brush~!
    It’s very important massage!!!
    I am very happy for you!

  4. Gemini, you look lovely! We hope you get some Sunshines today! Congratulations on your awards! We are sure they are because of you, too!

  5. I hope you get a great brushing. It does feel so very good!

  6. lovely pikshur Gemini!!!

  7. * woo hoo *
    Miss Gemini
    Is this your pin up girl pose? Because it sure would knock out any of those SI cover girls!

    Momma please print out Miss Gemini picture so I can look at it and dream sweet dreams…

    your boyfriendcat

  8. Congrats on your awards. I’m glad your Mom has so time for you guys again.

  9. Yay fur finally gettin a good brushin!

  10. Don’t worry, when Chey moves to the White House I’ll go with her!

  11. Oh Gemini, brushies are just so, so, mmmmmmmm

  12. What a lovely picture Gemini. Getting brushed feels ever so nice. How is Georgia doing these days?

    Mindy & Moe

  13. Hai! Just wanted to let you know I gived you an award!

  14. I sink i convinced mommeh ta vote fur cheysuli dis lec-shun. I sink we win dis. We win dis good.

  15. eksellent awardz gemini … an mite i add … u look espeshully luvlee today.

  16. Ooh, dat reminds me…a brushing wood feel good. I look forwerd to the new pitchurs of yoo all floofed out and happy.

  17. Oh Gemini,I don’t know how your Mom can get by without brushing those luxurious furs!!!!!!
    I am glad she will be having more time for you šŸ˜‰
    Purrs Mickey

  18. When Chey is president, i am certain she will pass the” Pet Humans must stay home with their cats with pay bill”. Until then we must suffer under this administration.

    You look stunning….

  19. That’s an adorabble pickshure of you, Gemini! And conCATulashuns on yur awardie, it’s furry well deserved!

    We Ballicai will be votin fur Chey fur Prez!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  20. Oh…I guess Chey hasn’t told you about where the New White House is going to be…

    I can’t wait until she’s elected. Humans must welcome our new Feline Overlord! She can TEACH them things!

  21. Poor Gemini! Bless your heart. All the things that your Mom is going through work-wise, and all of the Chey voting stuff is just way too much above and beyond the realm of realism. Don’t you think?

    Luf, Us

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