Rebel Thursday

Well hello, it’s me again.

I think if I have to have a pet sitter and Momma is going to be gone to someplace that might be a prison I think I need to rebel A LOT.

So I am rebelling.

And I’m having a house trashing party. I think it will be Saturday.

Chey is going to try and keep order but I bet she can’t stop me!

Momma will be back late on Monday so it will be just in time for Tabby Tuesday!!



  1. Thank you for voting my pic ‘The Playground’. I just hope I can get more and once again, thanks for voting!

  2. I was looking for your “I dare you” post !

  3. I’m allus UP fer a house-trashin party…


  4. Let’s see… could you not have the party without end, if you could convince Chey to go off to that prison with your Mom and simply stay there?
    PS you are one smart politicat in your choice of candidate, and we commend you highly

  5. a house trashing party sounds like fun!

  6. House trashing, yay!

  7. We’re ready party, Gemini! Careful Gemini, we think Chey is going to pop your balloons!

  8. House trashing party sounds like fun. Can we come? We love Obama, too!

    Roxy & Lucky

  9. Gemini,you GO girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    House trashing sounds fun!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Tillie & Georgia

  10. I think a house trashing party would cheer me up a lot! Can I whap some things?

  11. We will try to stop by on Saturday for the house trashing!!!!!

  12. oh yeh, trash the house. we rule!!!!

  13. *woo hoo*
    A house trashin sound great to me…

    Let the good times roll…

    your boyfriendcat

  14. We’ll bet that pet sitter can be bribed not to squeal. We’ll be there!

  15. Oh Gemini….those are some fighting words!! Its OK Chey, you come campaign over on the East Coast with us this weekend.

  16. Wow! When you decide to rebel you go all out, don’t you Gemini?

  17. We’ll be over Saturday to help trash the place. Maggie’s great at unrolling TP.

  18. we bet a coupla ratties would be okay as long as you kitties were snoopervised when they were out. Mom always snoopervises ’cause she say Ko KO can’t be trusted not to hunt us. ~The Ratz

  19. We’re ready for house trashing for sure!
    And Gree says to tell Georgia she’ll purr for her tail lots too.
    You’re a furry good rebel Gemini.
    Alla Us Hotties

  20. Oh boy G!!! I yam soooo reddy to haz a housee trashun partee. What time????

  21. I’m ready for house trashing! I can always bring plenty of floof!

  22. Nice looking pics. I loved ur post.

  23. We looooove house trashing parties. We’ll be there.

  24. LOL, Gemini – cute signs!

  25. Saturday? a house trashing party?? Oh goooodie goodie!
    Gemini, I will be there!

  26. China Cat & I would love to come to your house trashing but we are hearing the same words at our house – pet sitter… I may have to hide under the bed!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow


  28. You really go all out when you rebel, Gemini. A house trashing party sounds like lots of fun.

  29. We will be there with lots of ham and tequila! wooo hoo parTEY


  31. Way to go Gemini! Why is your Mom going to prison, did she do something naughty? I’m glad to hear she has only got a short sentence though!

    Chey, I love your response to the dare!

    🙂 xxx

  32. woo hoo, a house trashin pawtay! That sounds like lots and lots of funsies!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  33. Hay, its Saturday. At leest it is heer in Texas. So heer I am! Whare shood I start?

    And I know whut it’s like to miss yur person. Oh boy, do I know. Thanks for yur purrs. Thay shure did help.

    Are those curtins expensive? More importint, are thay fun?

  34. Here we are and there’s lots of us to assist with the trashin’! We brought niptinis to help us all get in the proper frame of mind. Where do we start?

  35. HOUSE TRASHING! I’m still a baby, so I’m REAL GOOD AT THAT! Just ask mom!!

    Mom and I are making rounds today thanking everyone that sent condolences when my OWCB Texas passed. Thank you, you were a real comfort to my fambly when they needed you most.

  36. Oh boy, house trashing! We is at da cabin and der really isn’t to much to trash…it would be fun, fun, fun to come help yoo rebel.

  37. Yabba Dabba Do!!!!
    Let’s trash this place !!! WOOT!
    I love swinging from the curtains!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  38. We been so busy being pirates we are darn tuckered out.

    So we are going to get our cat naps in for the next many hours.

    We will check back to see if the party is going tonight.

    Our entire wlk crew is real good at treadn on carpet and zoomn thru the rooms full speed. We usually are pretty tidy so cutn loose sounds purrrrfect.

    -wlk crew.

  39. WE love to trash houses! Are we too late? We hope there is still something left to trash, if not, we’ll just trash the trash!! (hehehehehe)
    Your FL furiends,

  40. Are we too late – is there anything left to trash? Can we help? We’re reeeaaaally god at trashing the house!

  41. Here I am – what can I trash??? I’m ready for action!

  42. Hey, we’re here to trash! Whoohoooo!!!! We’re climbing the curtains and unrolling all the paper towels!!!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  43. Haha! You know… rebelling isn’t supposed to be a good thing, but you make it look awfully cute!

  44. WOW a party! Cool! Well I am going to Leavenworth the first weekend in October for October Fest! Too bad your mommy isn’t going to be there then….we could have met up and she could have met ME! Bratwurst time!
    So I came to party a little before I go to the Kitty Kat Hilton tonight for a week as the beans are going to Alaska tomorrow. We are looking forward to autumn and the cooler weather it brings….it rained last night and blew in the first leaves….

  45. We’re here to do some major trashing. Where is the TP? Ellie and Allie head for the paper shredding. Sniff wants to know if she can claw that sofa….Tamir is already leaving his furs efurrywhere. What else would you like us to do? Hmmmm…there’s a spot that could use a hairball…urp..urp…urp………..

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  46. hafe a gud tyme howze trashin.

  47. We know we are late but we are here to make sure the house is sutably trashed wooooooo

    Pixel and Samba

  48. I want to get a few claws in myself, I’ve had plenty of stress this week!


  49. Are we too late for the trashing party? **Junior wanders over and scratches the couch. Orion tears up a feather toy**

  50. Ninna says I should come over here and say thank you for what you said about her. 🙂

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