Mysterious Meezer Monday

So here I am looking at this fine Jacket. It was addressed to me and had a picture of Che Guevara on it (in red).

It was clearly addressed to Cheysuli at my address but the card inside said to John in Florida from Elaine. We do not know a John in Florida nor do we know an Elaine who would be sending anything to a John in Florida. So we thought, who might be sending us something from Cafepress.

We were one of the drawing winners from Skeezix’ contest so we wrote him and his person said she  would write Cafepress. We were supposed to get a Skeezix hat. I think I am very jealous that John in Florida may have MY Skeezix hat and all I have is his jacket.

Do you suppose they mixed up because my name is Chey and it is a Che jacket?


  1. Rosie and Cheeto says:

    Gud luck getting the skeezix hat–it’s soooo much more stylish than that shurt! I bet John is waring YER hat evaryware!!!!

  2. As if someone would ever admit they got the Skeezix hat and return it…

  3. Yeah, that cute cap will be GORN! But what a mystery! How interesting!

  4. hahahaha mommeh saz dat all very funneh. I whapped her fur yoo. I fink we shud hunt down John who OBVIOUSLY took yoor hats an sought yoo wudna notice. I halp yoo gits back. No worries. I big kitteh now. I halp.

  5. What a mystery! I hope you find out!

  6. Oh dear, what a mixup! We do hope that you can get things sorted out!

  7. oh that could be Chey. it is kind of weerd though.

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That is the wildest thing!!!
    If true,it proves that some beans cannot read 😉
    Not as smart as they think! heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  9. I can see the Chey and Che similarity, but let’s hope that’s where the similarity ends for you two. I hope you get your hat soon.

  10. Oh that’s very interesting! I sure hope you get your hat!

  11. *kitty giggles*

    I am just picturing John in Florida opening his package and finding a hat with your picture on it….

    ****hellllllloooooooooo Miss Gemini*******

    Your boyfriendcat

  12. Oh dat’s funny! Specially since the Cat Blogosphere cafepress store ad was showin above this post. Chey, make sure you shed all ofur dat shirt afore sendin it on to John “kachoo!” in Florida. Who’s Che Guevara, anywho? Nefur herd of him – can’t be as famouse or impawtant as Skeezix.

  13. So, now yer “Chey Guevara” huh? MOL!

  14. all i can say iz harharhar!
    i am laffin an laffin.
    i wish i cood see john openin hiz skeezy cap!

  15. Hahaha, we hope John in Florida likes kitties.

  16. Both you and Che are revolutionairies! Perhaps it was no accident.
    thanks for all your get well wishes

  17. Yes, ma’am, Ms Future President! We’ll keep blogging!

  18. I’m laffin’ with Jeter, just thinking about that guy opening up his Skeezix hat!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow

  19. hmmmm, that is quite a mystery Chey. Someone has your hat, that’s for sure.

  20. We don’t know. That is way too strange.

    Luf, Us

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