Meezer Rule Wednesday

Meezer Rule for the Week: Be helpful wherever and however you can.

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Candidate Cheysuli has rushed to Washington to help iron the details of any future financial bailout. The candidate waited until this week to rush off because she was napping through the original financial melt down.

“Actually,” stated Cheysuli, “I was required to be with my family as the Woman was having a financial meltdown thinking that WAMU actually collapsed. She is still thinking that this is a bad thing as she is certain that JP Morgan Chase will require higher fees from her small business account.”

Currently Cheysuli is napping on Maria Cantwell’s lap. Cantwell represents the candidate’s home state of Washington and sits on the Senate Finance Committee. When Cantwell gets up, Cheysuli goes and snoozes on Ron Wyden’s lap.

“She’s been such a great help. You know how chilly it can get in the Senate Chambers as we sit there discussing the issues. Having her on my lap is like having a blanket wrapped around my legs, but so much more environmentally friendly,” stated Cantwell.

“I’m certain that any progress that is made from this point forward,” said one unconfirmed source, “Will all be due to Cheysuli’s involvement. She’s such a uniter. Republicans and Democrats alike just want to rub her ears!”


  1. This whole green paper things with the humans is just way beyond my head! I have my equity in lizards and when that market slows down I just switch my assets to rats. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA – can’t eat PAPER, right?

  2. You gots clout!

  3. Wow! I am impressed!

    I don’t understand the green paper stuff (of course, is it really about green papers or white papers?)

  4. If you get it figured out, they need to skip making your president and make you Queen Of Everything. My peoples’ heads are hurting over the whole thing. And there’s not a whole lot in those heads, so we don’t want any damage occurring…

  5. Great rule, Chey! We hope your human gets everything figured out.

  6. Hey Chey!
    Is there a cat vote? Can I vote for you??

  7. Very good rule, Chey~!!!!!
    I am supporting your opinion!

  8. Chey, you are the Great Equalizer!

  9. Nothing is more uniting than humans coming together to fight over who gets to scritch the cat!

  10. Oh my, we are still in awe of your beauty. Gees you look like me. 🙂 *chortle*

  11. Chey, your lap sleeping is a good thing! It makes those beans relax and think better. Maybe now,they can come up with a better plan to set things right again 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  12. bail owt? wutt’za bail owt?
    dis whole sichyooashun iz verree disturbin.
    all i can say iz …
    wut da?
    do yer stuff chey. widda cat in da wite howse … we won’t need any further bail owtz … i’m sure uv dat.

  13. We can always count on Chey to get the job done!

  14. If they come up with a workable solution, we’ll all know it’s thanks to your intervention.

  15. Good job Chey! I guess we need to go find Senator laps to nap in. Or maybe we can help some other way.

  16. Maybe we should all go sit in laps in congress…..maybe that way they can get their poop in a group and make a decision.

    Good job Chey!!!!

  17. I’m backing you 100 pawcent!

  18. Excellent rule Chey!

  19. *WOO HOO*

    Helllllllllllooooo Miss Gemini
    I am so furry impressed…

    your boyfriendcat

  20. excellent rule Chey!!!

  21. Hey you are just showing how well you can lead. Vote for Chey!

  22. I love the photo!

  23. Your lap-napping worked Chey! Just heard 74-25 votes in favour of the new “bail-out”! I hope it goes through the upper house coz even us Brits’ savings, pensions and investments depend on this going through. Nuffink growing here but the weeds, haha! 🙂 xxx

  24. I helped mommy kleen off a tabil by whapping stuff off it. And I’m keeping her supplied with Vitamin Purr.

    And this economee stuff is confoosing. I haff to watch Rachel Maddow evrynite to keep up with it all.

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