Meezer Rule Wednesday

My Meezer Rule for this week is: Help the Environment by taking part in Mr. Chen’s dare at The Cat Realm.

Mr. Chen dares you all to
come up with one creative, fun, useful way to save the environment
and put a picture of yourself doing it on your blog!

So I have insisted the Male ride the Microsoft Connector two days a week to work, saving on gas. Microsoft as this special bus system that goes all over the east side so that employees don’t have to drive to work. You sign up for the ride so you are guaranteed a seat. If you miss the bus home, you are guaranteed at ride. This also applies if, say, you had a sick child and had to leave work early. It’s a very excellent program and we are proud to participate. You get on at your stop and go directly to a main Microsoft park and ride where smaller shuttles will take workers to their particular building.

As Mac Users we hate to do this, but we have to applaud Microsoft for being very pro active. Outside the city proper of Seattle there is only the bus system for transportation and it does not run very often and it is not very effective in getting people where they need to go. The Connector serves a huge need for East side workers.


  1. This is an excellent system. Microsoft is to be congratulated. It would be sooooo good if some of the big organizations here would do something like that. Sydney’s bus system is the pit and is fast falling apart with the progressively higher demand placed upon by the higher petrol prices which discourage people from driving.

  2. Great photo!!!

  3. That is a great idea. Mum says that if we had a better transport system she would take the bus into town. Ours only runs once every hour, and it is nearly two miles to the nearest bus stop.Well done on getting your male to use the MS bus for work.

  4. This is a great idea~!!!!
    I think this world could count on you!!!!
    We really need to save energy!

  5. After I get my furs brushed my human throws the furs out the window instead of in the bin and the little birds use them to line their nests. Then when the baby birds get hatched I try and catch them and eat them. It’s called recycling. FAZ

  6. Commuting makes great sense. If you can, DO! Mom has always said that! One of Mom’s nephews works in Boston. He drives to the train station and takes the train to Boston. It saves money and gas. It also gives him time to read the paper or book. Or take a nap!

  7. great rule – and good job getting the male to do this!

  8. Great idea… my pet human is rushed today so we cannot post something like that….

  9. That is a great service. For Dad to ride the bus to work (maybe 10 miles) he would have to catch three different buses. But he does carpool with a co-worker to save on gas and energy.

  10. What a great idea! I wish we had better public transportation where I live.

    Also, thanks for checking out the Halo blog and posting a comment. Hopefully lots of kitties will be checking out your blog! 🙂

  11. That is a great idea. And a great service. Nice to see Microsoft doing something good for the environment.


  12. How neat! What a great idea, Chey!

  13. Fantastic idea! Good going!

  14. This is a super great idea.
    Dad works at home, that is even better…. for me <3

  15. We all loved the photo of you riding the Microsoft bus

    ::woo hoo::::

    Great idea!
    Miss Gemini I am now over my stunned stupor of yesterday in seeing your gorgeous floofiness and that little spry eye of yours peeking out at me…I know you were sending me a message…I took me nearly 24 hours to get over being woozy after seeing you look so ravishingly beautiful…

    :::oooo my:::::

    Your boyfriendcat

  16. I dun know wat ta doo… meh an mommeh will haf ta werk fast!

  17. Don’t dey haz a MAC train????? Oh wait, dat iz Portland.. & uh, uh, it’s ackshoeally named after my brudder da Burr-man, da MAX!!!! I givez up Chey… I guess your momee & dadee better stix wit da Micro bus. Way to go!

  18. wow, that is a great service. i wish some of the larger companies like GE & P&G here would do something like that. this is a great Dare response!

  19. Thank you for accepting the Dare! This is a wonderful way to do it – and especially creative as you made THE HUMAN do it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA – good job!

  20. That’s wonderful!!! We’re going to be doing the dare based on a similar thing- the human’s work place.

  21. Dat’s furry smart! We don’t have stuff like dat here in Florida, but we finks you are one smart kitteh.

  22. You did the right thing, Chey. A great idea, too!

    Mindy & Moe

  23. That’s a good system microsoft haf. Mom useta ride da bus here but now hardly any routes actually take her where she wants or needs to go and some routes are kinda dangerous. As in yoo can get mugged or worse. It’s so bad dat bus drivers sometimes get punched.

  24. That is excellent!!! Where we love ,we have Community Transit.
    It runs during the day but stops at 7PM to come out this way . WE are only 15 minutes outside the city.Not very useful.No weekend service.
    Some of our buses at least use bio-fuel.
    Purrs Mickey

  25. Your human works for Microsoft? Really? So when is Mr G going to give us a huge campaign donation?

  26. What a great idea! I wish we had better public transportation where I live.

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