Meezer Rule Wednesday

My rule: Hug your favorite community organizer.

We had to write this at the risk of loosing our solid Critters for Total World Domination voting base to the democratic candidate who spent some time as a community organizer. However, we found the references to the concept of community organizing as a joke by Sarah Palin and Rudi Giuliani particularly offensive.

I heard on the radio the other day that someone said, “You know what, essentially Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

However, I also heard the argument that Jesus’ experience really didn’t qualify him to be president.

That leaves me with such commnity organizers as Ghandi (he did win India’s independence you know, so this probably qualifies him as a leader of stature for the US). Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and John Adams were all community organizers.

Arguably every small town politician and councilman is a community organizer. They are the glue that keeps the communities running. Our neighbor across the street organized our street to get locking mailboxes. She is a community organizer–and I can tell you, it’s a thankless job. Not all of these people are qualified to be president. Certainly my neighbor has no interest in the job. George Washington, however, had an interest and he didn’t do too badly.

The Community Organizers we would like to hug today are organizers of our community. In fact, without the first one we would all be running around blogging and commenting but have no home base like the CB. That Community Organizer is Mom Robyn. Not the Mama also deserves much credit for being the person who steps in when things all falls apart. Certainly every cat in town knows where to go for help!

The Cat Blogosphere is a community because of these people. I realize there are so many more people here who deserve credit for working with this community and making it the vibrant place it is today. I challenge you to name them and thank them!

And so we have our Meezer Rule Wednesday: Go hug a Community Organizer–and those of you who are. Stand proud. We have never needed you more.

Tomorrow, on Thankful Thursday, we will post all those people that you are thankful for!

*we apologize if bringing any of these wonderful people into what is essentially a somewhat political post has offended them. However, we hope by reminding people what an important and difficult job it is to organize large groups that no one will ever again laugh about community organizers not having responsibilities.


  1. Give me a community organiser over a governor any day! Hugs to Jesus. Obama, Ghandi and, above all, Mom Robyn.

  2. Equating Palin to Pontius Pilate is illogical and offensive. While I disagree with her on some issues (my biggest concern is her attempt to fire a librarian who refused to censure books) she hasn’t crucified anyone.

    Hmmmm, how many seconds for you to delete this comment? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…………..


  3. I don’t delete comments unless the poster is obviously a spam site. I did have one comment that went on ranting at me for some illogical reason that had nothing to do with the post it related to, so I did delete that.

    As for the Pilate/Palin comparison, I did not make it. I merely pointed out something I heard. Make of it what you will. In effect, however, Jesus really was a Community Organizer, which is what this post is about. Who will you be hugging?

  4. I add ML to the list for sure. Without the “glue” she provides on a daily basis, the CB would have fallen apart. I may have started something and still participate, but she carries it on daily for everyone.

  5. We hug the entire Cat Blogosphere! (((HUGS)))

  6. That’s a great rule, Chey. We will give virtual hugs to Mom Robyn, Mom ML, and DKM. They are amazing!

  7. I’m in favor of anything that involves hugs!

  8. that’s a great rule Chey! Mom Robyn and NTM are wonderful people!

  9. Love the post. Yes we would vote for Jesus, Ghandi, etc.
    Mom Robyn deserves many hugs.. and head butts.

    And thanks for the info that Palin hates cats. We have had several comments to that effect. No shock since the woman hates polar bears and wolves.

    Nubi may be going back to the hospital. We will keep you posted.

  10. Hugs to Mom Robyn and you 🙂
    If the wrinkly white dude with bad hair and the skirt from up north feel a need to make fun of Community Organizers then a pox on their campaign. Shows that they have nothing to offer ,so they have to attack the other side.
    ( I know it was Her and Rudy,they all look the same to me)
    Purrs Mickey

  11. I think your post was well stated. It’s a shame when politicians lower themselves to mockery and contempt. We need more role models, and fewer petty schoolyard bullies. I wish Washington was more like The West Wing … I’d vote for Jeb Bartlett.

    Anyhow … I think you have made an excellent rule.

  12. Right on, Chey! I think that is a very good rule. Purrrrs.

  13. Yeah we want to add your Mom to the hugs list! We’re behind you 1,000% and its important to be thankful of those who do so much for our communities and never get thanks. You and your mom visit so many kitties and always have a kind word. Plus you’re willing to voice your opinions which is great!

  14. We agrees 100% with Parker…and I wanna give Miss Gemini a big hug!

    your boyfriendcat

  15. That’s an excellent rule, Chey! Hugs to all you guys that keep the CB going!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  16. Very insightful, Chey! People who work hard to make our communities a better place are to be commended. The cat blogosphere would not be a community without the CB to bring us together.

  17. Cat Blogosphere organizers are the best!!!!!!!

  18. Thanks for the great inspiration about hugging a community organizer! Isn’t it great to be part of the cat blogosphere community? BTW, it didn’t surprise me that Palin hates cats. She seems to want to do in lots and lots of animals.

  19. i wood like to add skeezix da cat to dat list. he wuz instrumental in mi blogger beginninz. he iz mi “go to cat” wen i hav sum teknical difficultiez … an he haz sum grate contestz.
    da cat blogosphere izza grate community an i’m glad to be a part uv it!
    thank u chey!

  20. far be it from me to go against your meezer rule! I’m on my way to hug

  21. Interesting comparisons. Hugs are always good, they make you feel good, giving or getting them.

  22. Mom Robyn is awesome. The way she got Auntie to Sprout’s funeral was nothing short of magnificent!


  23. Ooops, we missed One Of The Best Postings EVER, EVER.
    Cheysuli you have got it together girl.

  24. I’m still catching up with my friends after being away for a while. I admire your insight, Chey. Those who put down community organizers are just showing their ignorance; it’s a really hard job, because you have to put the interests of others ahead of your own. That’s hard for a cat, and it seems it’s pretty hard for most humans. I know this because my female human used to be an official in her labor union, the NWU, which is a union for freelance writers. She says that organizing freelance writers is just like herding cats. Wait, what was I saying?

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