Meezer Rule Wednesday

Stop Specism in it’s tracks!

Yes that’s right! My rule for today cracks down on specism. If you think I can’t because I’m a cat that’s wrong. If you think they can’t because they are a dog that’s wrong! If you’re told you can’t because you are a bun or a rat or a goat or a stone THAT IS WRONG!!!

In my own state of Washington, I am working hard to overturn this horrible wrong that is being done. Duncan was registered to vote by his owner. He wanted to be out supporting me and what happened? His human was fined and potentially going to be imprisoned! While charges have been dismissed, the owner still had to pay court costs and do community service.

We cats, dogs, buns, rats, goats, horses and all multilegged creatures must band together and stop specism now!!!!


  1. We read about Duncan down here, and were appalled at the overt specism!

    Thanks for the Birthday wish, my adopted Mom!


  2. You have my support,
    this is a great rule!

  3. i support your cause! thanks for sharing cheysuli!

  4. That’s a great rule, Chey. Specism should be stopped! (Cute tongue, btw.)

    Thank you so much for celebrating my first birthday with me yesterday! I really appreciate it! – Merlin

  5. Great rule Chey! We are behind you 100%.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  6. that is a great rule Chey!!! we support you!

  7. That’s right Chey!

  8. I agree with you 100%! If people who shouldn’t be living in a Country or place can vote on how it’s run and who by, why not let those animals who live there totally legally vote?! I mean it’s all down to proportional representation!

  9. Are you sure Duncan was supporting you, Chey? We read he’s never actually voted. Just saying.

  10. That’s just wrong … I think it’s an act to keep your supporters quiet.

  11. Specism is such a huge topic. I really admire you for taking such a stance!

  12. Hey, Chey, The last few times we’ve visited, we have some trouble reading your posts because the sponsored links are too big and overlap part of your posts.

    We’re against specism too. At least we think we are. We can’t find the word in a dictionary. But we’ve been known to make up a few words of our own so we’re pretty sure we know what you’re saying and we agree with it.

  13. This is a very important issue during this election cycle. I believe it is right there at the top of the list!

  14. We support you, Chey. Specism has to be stopped.

    Mindy & MOe

  15. We will join in your fight immediately!!! This is what we hoped to erase with our nomss friend concept! Specism needs to go!!!!!

  16. Right on!!!
    Stop specism now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  17. down wid specism!

  18. An interesting story Chey, and a clear case of speciesism.

    But seriously have you thought about the reality of it when all of us show up at our local polling places to vote the Chey/Derby ticket? Will we be allowed to vote or even register? Do you have a plan to address this? Will you be holding a new conference/fund raiser for disenfranchised feline voters to bring this issue to the forefront?


  19. I agree!

    …but maybe not about the rats. They bit my paw. 🙁

    How was I to know they didn’t want it in their cage?

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