Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Candidate Cheysuli took on The Brad Blog yesterday in Seattle. Bringing concerns about rampant specism even in the very blue Washington Seattle area, Brad Friedman refused to listen.

“We have many, many very serious problems with voting. We no longer have the ability to track every vote. Voting machines are not accountable to the people!”

Cheysuli took exception to the concept that cats not voting would not be a serious problem. “Who do you think will vote for me if cats can’t vote?! If I can’t vote, how can I get anything done as president?!”

Friedman refused to continue the interview citing work to do on his blog bringing information out to how voters can make sure they get their full constitutional right to vote.

“I want all cats to know, if they have their voter card, they have the right to vote. They should be on the rolls. Call your officials if humans try to turn them away at the polls.

“If your state, like mine, doesn’t allow feline voting, then start your own grass roots organization. Make them listen to us. Thousands of cats having a nap in in front of the courthouses of the US should take a long way to getting what we want. We are cats! We get what we want,” returned Cheysuli.


  1. Rosie and Cheeto says:

    oh no! This news is vary upsetting! The only gud things coming out of this feeasko is the Catnip Roots Campaign and the Nap-In slumbur party…pleeze sign us up fur bowth of thowse in all fiftie staytes!!!

    Oh, and make sure yoo check today cause yer feechured as a top candidayte. Yay! Chey in 08!

  2. Cats must vote ~ if they do then nothing can stop you Chey!

  3. We ARE cats and we WILL get what we want. Simple as that really…

  4. Well, sometimes we don’t get it right away. We asked Mom a bazillion times to go out this morning, but she made us wait and wait! But we got it!

  5. Cats always get what they want. Sometimes it just takes a little perseverance.

  6. I am planning on bringing the “winds” of Cheynge to our state assembly. – Miles (with help from Billy)

  7. Kitties WILL be heard!!!!

  8. Isn’t that what postal votes are for? That way you can be anyone who has the right info! Just call on your fellow Feline Americans to vote for you with their Mom’s ID! 😉

  9. I tried to start a cat grass roots effort, but then I ate the cat grass. Maybe I’ll have better luck with my next batch of cat grass…

  10. It’s just as I predicted, Chey and I was afraid this would happen. Millions of cats are being denied their rights to vote for the candidate of their choice!!

    On a brighter note, I see your campaign got a boost by having your picture shown on on 9/5. Something we hadn’t considered though was the possiblity of non-feline opponents. I thought we only had Skittles & Cato to contend with.


  11. Hmmmm, I need to check into feline voting in Texas, I think cows vote here so cats should be able to too!

  12. oOOO cats have rights too!

    Helloooooooo Miss Gemini….

    Your boyfriendcat

  13. You know I checked and NJ doesn’t allow feline voting either!! I’m shocked. How are we supposed to vote???

  14. States without Cat Voting Rights need Community Organizers! Agitate! Educate! Bloviate! Vote Chey and Derby!

  15. We can’t vote in Illinois either. That’s not fair.


  16. Chey ’08
    Chey for America

  17. Stoopid Humans

  18. Hey Chey, at least Snuzzy is firmly behind you. They featured you in this post.
    (as well as a couple of others who don’t hold a candle to you).


    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  19. I votin fur yoo. dat final. Dat man can kiss meh duckies hiney.

  20. Never underestimate the power of a cat!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  21. Chey, we are cats and we are going to vote! For YOU! We are supreme beings and therefore must make our choices known!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  22. Hi – I’m still staring at the beautiful picture! Gosh you look like me. We are SO lucky!

  23. fanks for visiting my bloggie while I was sick! Yea for feline voting!


  24. I checked with Lynettea and she said cats can’t vote here either. Quite a few of our politicians seem peculiar and very badly behaved. Lynettea told me that some of them sniff seats. I thought that was dogs. Maybe a few cats should stand for parliament. We could give the offenders a good scratching if they started to get out of hand.

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