Find Chey Friday

Well I immediately got some suggestions for lovely places to visit. My humans will definitely have to come here. But where is here? Perhaps you can help them out? Hey watch that splashing down there!

Read about the Full Find Chey Rules. And of course the addendum: you can’t guess if you sent me the photo–but I will give you photo credit for showing me the place!



  1. I know lots of places that look sort of like that, but I have no idea where that particular place is.

  2. Wow, wherever you are it’s beautiful!

  3. Are you in the Amazon river?
    (I think I don’t get it :S)

  4. Wherever it is . . . it looks lovely!

  5. It looks like you are somewhere in Middle Earth, Chey! Maybe near Hobbiton?

  6. Hi Chey! This is our first try to guess where you are this Fri… we guess that your are at the part of the Amazon River, where the white water flows from the mountains in the west from melting snow and ice.
    And it is a beautiful place to do some scratching! 😀

  7. O, Chey, it is furry beautiful and green. i’s don’t haf a clue, but it looks peaceful.

  8. Are you looking down at the Yakima River in Washington?

    We found a picture that looks very similar to that one, but it didn’t have as many trees.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  9. Yikes!! Watch you don’t slip. We have no idea (as usual) where you are, but it is very pretty. Is the high altitude hurting your ears, or are the mosquitoes biting?

  10. Certainly looks like a tropical rainforest ~ maybe the Amazon jungle in Brazil ~ be careful could get really lost in there..

  11. Are you at the Colorado River???

  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
    Are you on Flea Mountain? Poison Ivy Valley?
    Maybe you are scratching your head to figure out where you are 😮 !!
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Yakima River in Washington? OK, I cheated cos I copied this from Cammie’s kittens! Why? Cos I want my pic on your blog! Oh well, maybe I’ll know where you are next time …

  14. We don’t know where you are… but we do want to know how you got up there and how you plan to get down from there.

  15. No I am not in Washington! Nor am I in the Amazon!

  16. you’re playing Heidi!!!!! can you hear yourself yodel? can cats even yodel? does meezing or hollering count as yodeling? I’m going to stay up all night tonight practicing in the human litterbox room. the echo in there is awesome. – Miles

  17. I’m going to guess that you are at the New River Gorge in West Virginia because you are so high up and the mountains are so pretty. I just hope you don’t decided to try to bungee jump.

  18. we don’t know where you are but it sure is pretty!

  19. We think you might be in the Appalachians somewhere. But we don’t know where. Just looks like it from the types of mountains around you.

    Luf, Us

  20. I really, really wanted to get one right, but I have no good guesses. But you can never get it right if you don’t at lest try to guess. So, are you at the Hidden Valley Ranch? I do not see any salad dressing bottles around, so I do not think I am correct.

  21. I’m so untraveled. We say somewhere in Virginia?

  22. Hmmmmm. So we’re the only ones with the 3 sponsored link boxes covering part of your posts? Maybe you could stop by on Chey’s next campaign trip?

    We don’t have a clue where you are today. We’ll have to think about it some more. And then we can make a wrong guess. Hehehe.

  23. Are you looking down at the Yakima River in Washington? anyway nice post.

  24. It looks like where they filmed Jurrassic Park!


  25. We guess the Gauley River in West Virginia … we see that Jasper guessed the New River there, too! The only reason we would guess the Gauley is because Momma whitewater rafted it!

  26. We have some pretty mountains in North Georgia. Are you there? Be careful on that cliff!!
    ~ Maggie Mae

  27. Catnipia? We think that’s a bunch of catnip.

  28. Are you in the Yangtze River Valley??
    Gosh, that looks like fabulous grass to roll around in!

  29. no clue Chey! Doesn’t look like t here are any voters nearby to bug.

    No I avoided the Republican ticket today. Had I shown up there might have been a cat fight between me and the other VP candidate.

  30. We are going to guess upstate NY somewhere. Are you near the Hudson River? Thank you for the advice about Meezers. Have you ever experienced this aggressive behavior in a Meezer? Our new guy wants to attack the other kitties, he gets really angry and hisses very loud and gets in the prey mode. We intervene before he actually jumps on one of them. Any advice would be great.

  31. I have given you an award.

  32. yes … i agree wid daisy … yer at da hidden valley ranch. oh how i wish i wuz da first to say dat. den i wooda been yer weekend gest.
    i’ll be lookin fer daisy’z pikshur on yer blog becuz she wuz da first to gess correctlee.

  33. I think that must be Happy Valley..where everybody is vally happy!..Or maybe it’s down from the Hoover Dam…or somewhere? I haven’t got a clue, but I’ll be VOTIN’ FOR CHEY!

  34. Are you at the Colorado River??? i am really confused.

  35. Are yoo by a beeeutiful landskape with trees and watur? Whooohooo- we figured it owt!!! yay!

  36. We think you are on the top of a high hill, overlooking the verdant depths below, like green cold fire and you want to sink slowly into them as on a softly sinking balloon, and as you taste another nip leaf you say, yes, yes I will float down to the verdant loveliness of the far distant ground so soft like a butterfly drifting about on the wind not sensing gravity at all and yes, I float dreamily down so gentle without fear and there is no fear and I float so wonderfully on the air like a dandelion seed unneeding to fall just floating and there are the birds just coasting around not needing the wind and I am SO like them just coasting as I gently drift down to the canopy of the trees which were once so far below, yes, once so far below but now here at my eyesight and eyesight is so wonderful because I can see all the lovely animals and insects polysensually here in my brain, my brain that sees and senses all the insects and such as I drift downwards saying ”hello” to each of them and they say “hello” back and we are all so happy about that as I drift slowly down, settle to the ground on my dainty feet and walk gently away unharmed through the green cold fire as it becomes warm with the sunrise of a new day and I am one with the world, and I see the sea, crimson, sometimes like fire and the glorious sunsets and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens yes and all the queer little streets and the pink and blue and yellow houses and the rosegardens and the jessamine and geraniums and cactuses and Gibraltar as a girl where I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used to or shall I wear a geranium, and I say yes a geranium, a perfection of nature without thorns, so sweetly odiferous that you feel like fainting, fainting and pleasure wrapped in a banana leaf carrying you through to another place and time, where you walk through a time but timeless portal straight back into your home…

  37. Oh shoot – we got to remember to not come by here on a Friday. But wait – it’s Saturday! Why is the Friday post still up???? I just say to not come by because it makes us feel so ignorant as we never know where the heck you are….

  38. I guess that your are at the part of the Amazon River, where the white water flows from the mountains in the west from melting snow and ice.I am in love with your quality articles! I wish I had time and patience to make my blog like yours. Thanks for the informative information you share. Bookmarked your blog.

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