Carnival of the Cats!

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats!

Our Sunday Guest Star leads off the Carnival today!

Fat Eric guessed where I was correctly but only after Ping managed to guess that I was visiting Eric and Flynn. Not only did I win the prize (alas I hear it is NOT a tractor!) for their 500th post, but they happened to invite me and I went to visit them.

At any rate, Black Cat said they lived near Plymouth but it didn’t look right.

Fat Eric Said:

I think it is Plymouth because it has a red and white tower that looks like Smeaton’s Tower. But it doesn’t look quite right for Plymouth, so I am not sure.

I’d love to hear back from Eric and Flynn why things didn’t look right for two of our readers who visit there. Where you standing someplace unusual? Or perhaps it doesn’t really rain that much in England?!

At any rate, check out what Flynn is doing today! What a mancat, huh?

And with that we begin CARNIVAL!!!

Lets start with the sobering news that apparently the financial crisis is hitting our pets. This post may not be a fun post, but it looks like it might be important to check out a bit more.

We get to learn more about Samson here. In a title of Neglected Kitteh, I was a bit concerned given the previous blog! Fortunately Samson is only neglected in his BLOG!

These six had to leave due to Ike! Check it out.

The Pet Haven is having a Give Away and so is San Disc.

Oh and look at this Meezer! Don’t you just want to rub that tummy? She reminds me a bit of Tara, don’t you think? But it’s not!

Someone might not want to be known as a happy cat.

Now look at this gorgeous cat! I’m impressed.

And who do we have reflecting here? I think it’s Abby!

Rudy has some marvelous manners!

Meet some guest cats over here at Anniemiz.

Now here is someone who looks like I feel!

Packet has found a grand place to park himself.

Don’t kid yourself. Boxes don’t have to be REAL small to contain great surprises!

The Islands Cats caught and Eagle–I mean a feather.

Some grandcats are teaching new humans about kitty litter.

They are feeling rather reflective over at CatSynth.

Diamond says:

This is a very important issue, not just for humans, but for their animal
companions as well.

Check out her post on Domestic Violence.

Now Mog is relaxing.

It’s Finally Friday at iMeowza.

Phoebe is checking out autumn.

Check out the Spooky Cats at Diamond’s Lair.

Look at these great treats Chica and Pumuckl got!

And go say happy birthday to Maddie!

It’s easy like a Sunday Morning for China Cat and Willow!

On a more serious subject, headbumps and purrs to Bengal Brat’s person Miz Pet . This is a very hard time for her.

Now don’t forget to go visit the Hotties for Weekend Cat Blogging and

Kashim and Othello for Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos!

Come back to the Carnival next week! We’ll be at the House Panthers.


  1. What a pouncer Flynn is! A gazelle would be jealous.

  2. Concatulations to Fat Eric. The only reason we can think of for Plymouth Hoe looking different is that it is usually photographed from one end or the other, so is taken on an angle. This is taken from Mt. Edgecombe so you can see the whole of the Hoe.

  3. Thanks for giving us the link for the 6-pack. Their story is very inspiring!

  4. Wonderful!

  5. Thank you all for the well wishes, purrs and head butts,and prayers.

    Thanks for hosting!
    And special huggies to all who continue to send prayers and good thoughts our way…………..

  6. Thanks for sharing our article about cats and other pets being affected by the foreclosure crisis. This is a horrible situation, and hopefully people will come together to support the abandoned animals from foreclosure homes.

  7. Thanks for giving us the link for the 6-pack. Their story is very inspiring!

  8. Wow, I am Sunday Guest Star? Thank you Chey, I am honoured!

    I think maybe I wasn’t sure because when my human used to go to Plymouth as a little bean, she always thinks of Smeaton’s Tower being surrounded by grass. But in that picture it looks much closer to the buildings than it actually is. If you see what I mean. The grass is foreshortened or something.

    When my mum was a little bean growing up in Cornwall, Plymouth was the big town where they used to get taken after Christmas to spend their Christmas money and book tokens they got for presents! Hee hee.

    Thanks again for making me Sunday Guest Star!

  9. Concatulations to Fat Eric. This is a place that mum has not visited in England.

    As far as pets suffering because of the bad economy, donate pet foods to your local food pantry. They have people who request tuna but it is for their cats. Some place might not take pet food but some do, so check it out.

  10. Wow i luf dat shot of flynn jumpin in da airs!

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for including my post about the beautiful guest cats, Tucker & Amber.

    I did want to mention that I think there’s a mistake wrt the post mentioned after mine. The text “Now here is someone who looks like I feel!” actually links to my post again. Do you mean for it to link to someone else’s post?


  12. Thanks for the note. We got that fixed!

  13. ConCATulashuns to Fat Eric! And wowie, Flynn looks like he’s havin funsies!

    Great linkies fur the Carnival! We’re gonna check ’em out.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  14. This is a great Carnival, purrfect for a tardy kitty like me who never got the chance to catch up with anykitty for 3 months!!

    Casey says she hopes you are doing well.

    Have a great week!

  15. Im applauding!

  16. Good going, Fat Eric! Congratulations!

    There seems to be a lot going on this week!

  17. Yay for fat Eric!!!!!!!!
    There are a lot of weekend cat bloggers I do not know.
    It is good that you do this so I can meet them 🙂
    It might take a while but I’ll get there 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  18. Great Carnival, Chey! Concats to Fat Eric too 🙂
    Thanks for hosting CotC!
    ~~ Robyn and the Hotties

  19. ConCATS to Fat Eric! I can’t even see Smeaton’s Tower (hope my eyes get fixed soon!) but like his Mum, I remember it being surrounded by grass. I haven’t been to Plymouth since I was 12 (which was many, many, many years ago) so it’s probably changed lots since then anyhow!

    Great Carnival – so many cats I’ve never met before. What a good way of introducing them to others who also haven’t met them.

    I agree, Daisy is a very smart cat:) xxx

  20. Oh man, we forgot to send our post in! Oh well! ConCatulations to Fat Eric on being your Sunday Guest Star! And thanks for all the cool links! Great Carnival!
    Your FL furiends,

  21. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate in this fabulous carnival. My humans had to go out of town and I had no one to type for me.

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