Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for many things this week. However, I think I am thankful that so many people have come up with the needs meme. I had no idea I had to do so many things:

  • Chey needs to turn 3 more or gain 70…Chey should get out there and bite some people! (YES!!!)
  • I do the lips against the forehead thing to to see if chey needs tylenol. (uh no! Tylenol is bad for cats)
  • Chey needs to make a name for herself. (I’m working on it!)
  • i think chey needs to practice holdn the kitty (um I AM the cat?)
  • Chey needs to take a bow (consider it done)
  • Chey needs to push reforms (yes I know)
  • chey needs to be buying some luggage! (yes I know, carrying it all on my back is getting tough.)
  • Chey needs 50.1% of the votes (actually I just need a majority in the Electoral collage)

So I think these are mostly good things to need (except the tylenol and learning to hold the kitty) so I am thankful!


  1. Hello, Cheysuli! I did the needs meme-thing today, too! I also had some odd needs.
    Is that Georgia? Hi, Georgia!
    Purrs & sandpaper kisses,

  2. Chey needs to be president!
    Smooches to Georgia!

  3. Chey needs to give us an easier ‘Where’s Chey Friday!’ Just saying.

  4. On voting day
    it’s CHEY all the way.
    He’s the best
    our case we rest.

  5. Chey, you don’t need to make a name for yourself … you are already a star! And stars like you need not only new luggage but someone to carry it for you!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  6. no Chey doesn’t need luggage, chey just needs her own personal staff of porters to carry her stuff.

  7. chey – what you need is to live in a palace with me and hundreds of humans at our beck and call.

    I’m just saying!


  8. Hahaha,those are nifty things you ‘need’!!
    I believe you will have the votes though!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Sounds like Chey is a needy Cat.

  10. Chey, you need a human that takes more pictures of you. Oh, wait, maybe you need less of that. 🙂 Either way, I’m always amazed at how photogenic you are.

  11. Chey needs to go to these conventions and show ’em how it’s truly done!

    Helloooooooooooo Miss Gemini
    your boyfriendcat

  12. Maybe if you hug yourself that will count as holding the kitty, and you can check that off.

  13. At least a lot of those do make sense!

  14. I think there’s one that was forgotten.

    “Chey needs to hold a political convention”. Um…you ARE planning a huge bash where you & Derby will be the party nominees, right? The entire CB would attend.


  15. Hmm, maybe you should hold some kittens during yoor campaign. Like some of dem silly poly-tishuns kissing babies.

  16. VIVA CHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You needs our votes? You got ’em!!

    Mindy & Moe

  18. Apart from the Tylenol, your needs aren’t too bad. We’ve been trying to get mum to help us with it. We wish she would hurry up.

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