Thankful Thursday

Georgia Sandwhich

Georgia Sandwhich

From the Woman:

We moved the Breeze Litterbox to a different location and replaced another litter box (that I always forget to clean) and YEAH! Someone used it!!! YEAH!

From Chey:

Yeah well it was only once and it was probably Gemini…

Latte and I are going off to find our own MESSY litterboxes.

From the Woman:

Since writing this with such excitement and hope, no one has used the box since…sigh.


  1. I’m sure glad that I don’t have to share my litter box with anyone else. I like the Georgia Sandwich!

  2. My people feel your pain. I feel the kitties’ amusement. Litter box wars are so much fun 🙂

  3. It is very unusual to see you all together~~~
    This is very sweet photo!

    I haven’t share my litter box with my brother yet.
    So someday I may have to…

  4. You all look wonderful together! Georgia Sandwich indeed!

  5. Those Breeze litterboxes sound interesting. Our humans hope to get some when we go back to Canada, since we track litter throughout the house, no matter what kind of litter is used. But it seems a lot of cats don’t like them.

    Great photo!

  6. We loved them, our Dad didn’t. But we are pretty OK with any kind of box…

  7. that’s a great pikshur!!! we haf found that using the breeze box in the middle of the night and really digging in the pellets is yet another wonderful way to wake mommy up. She says it’s very noisy. YEAH!

  8. Well, ya have to be comfy about what box you use,right? heehee

    Purrs Mickey

    PeeEss: I hope you know that for my T13 I choose randomly . You are not a random cat 😉 You are cute 🙂

  9. Grumble….stupid Breeze Boxes. When Meowmy removed all of the old ones I HAD to use them.

    But I’m all for running off to use some messy boxes with you!

  10. I’m gonna gif this to my Mommy so she reelizes that them Breeze Boxes don’t werk. hehehe

  11. Our Momma saw the Breeze Box at Target. We will show this post to her!
    Lovely picture!!!
    ~ The Bunch


    Dear Miss Gemini
    We are under very troubling conditions. This storm has stalled off the coast (for the third time) and is just churning up lots and lots of wet stuff. We are wishing it would just GO ON! We are tired of waiting and worrying. Conditions should grow worse over the next 12 hours for us. We hope that by noon tomorrow this will have passed through our area and be gone. Please keep all of us FL kitties in your purrayers…..

    Your boyfriendcat

  13. Nice to see you 3 together. You make a cute family.

    Looks like you are good at fooling your mom. Are you trying to drive her crazy, or is that just a bonus to having fun with her?

  14. Hehehe, Georgia sandwich…mom won’t even try the breeze box for two reasons. One, dey is to small fur our jinormus brother to fit into and two, he has mushy poops which would become like cement on dem stoopid pellets. We thank Speedy effury day cuz we like da box just da way it is.

  15. What a cute kitty sandwich!!

  16. Awww, you all look so cute snugglied up togethur!

    We Ballicai have sefural littur boxies through the housie but we share ’em all.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  17. Stand yur grownd! I bin haffin fun with Grammy. She scoops our bocks every nite and I follow her around to make sure I’m the first one to krissin it.

  18. The Great Battle of the Breeze Box!!!!!! We are betting on the cats….sorry.

  19. I am happy that mum hasn’t bothered with this breeze box thingy. We are sticking with the same old box.

  20. Teehee, you got your mom all excited for nothing!

  21. Oh that’s a great photo, I get so excited and happy when I see a bunch of cats curled together, it’s such sweetness. That is true happiness.


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