Thankful Thursday

Time for a nap. Can you believe this was a clean duvet cover but look at all that fur.

Anyway our friend Liza, Dr.Dog wanted to thank everyone for their nice visit to the article on her last week.

I should like to thank everyone who bothers to visit me now that the Woman has so curtailed my social time. Doesn’t she realize that the election is coming soon and I need to socialize more? What is she thinking–allowing me only until she gets tired to visit–and what is up with tired?! So what if she’s seeing the number of patients she wants to see in a week in one day three days a week? She’s three times as successful as she had hoped–isn’t being more successful than your wildest dreams a good thing?

Of course, I in my wildest dreams become the acknowledged daughter of Bast and found my own religion to be the goddess I am… It’s hard to top that.


  1. Yoor mom at least has an excuse fur being tired, ours is just lazy!

  2. It’s very very sweet of you 2 snuggle together!

  3. Hee-hee, duvet covers don’t stay clean very long with cats around. I understand about your Mom being tired. It happens to me, too, and I end up not doing as much visiting as I really want to.

  4. Mom washes our bedding and hers often with 4 cats around and a dog. She also says that with all of our colors, everything she owns shows cat hair on it. We think thats a good thing.

    We are glad that your mom has so much work, but sad that she isn’t home enough for you. Hang in there.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  5. Hooray for your Mom being successful, Chey! That’s more green papers for foodies and treats!

  6. This reminds me to demand my eer Mum & Dad’s quilt get a good washing soon! I mean I need a clean and soft place to rest and think of all the questions I need to ask Yao-lin’s slave when I interview her this weekend! 😉

  7. Cat fur looks wonderful on everything. At least that’s what I think!

  8. The quilt is improved beyond recognition. Your human must understand this!


  9. your mom made the conshus decision to haf cats. if she didn’t want furs, she should haf gotted Dragonheart ‘afore his mommy gotted him. Our mommy complains all the time about all the furs on the floor and furnichur. oh well. we is made of furs. what does she ‘spekt?

  10. Tell your Mom to nap during the day like we cats do!! Then she would be able to help you visit 😉
    Nice furs on the duvet too 🙂
    I also see some stray furs here and there. heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Hi,

    This is our first visit. We leave our furs as an artistic statement. Since there are three of us, we each take a room or piece of furniture to do our work.

    Meow for now!


  12. Oh, how I wish I could shed! I would love to redecorate my home in hues of Dilute Calico.

  13. Furs are important accessories.

  14. Well… we are not machines to be able to execute our duties without taking any break in between. Just make sure that you oil that joints during the break and make the engines move smoother when you are back.. haha 😛

  15. There are things in the house without cat fur??
    The Mom said it’s an accessory.
    ~ The Bunch

  16. It’s always good to hair-up the duvet. I’m glad to hear your mom is busy. It is a good thing. Means she can get you more treats!

  17. What a booteefull pixchur…what a booteefull subject!


    Cat furr completes efurryfing…

    your boyfriendcat

  18. Success is an excellent thing (especially in elections). FAZ

  19. i think you need a staff of volunteer supporters to help you. you know, some fresh faced college kids in navy blue skirts and suits running around with Vote For Chey buttons and helping you socialize. they could keep Tempations in one pocket for when kissing kittens and Catnip in the other for nursing home visits!

  20. We’re sorry you’re not getting the publicity you need to win the race, Chey. Perhaps if you tell your mom that if you lose she’ll have to reimburse all your expenses so you can run again in 2012?

  21. You both look sooo cozy there.

  22. yall are so cute asleep there.

  23. Those furs are pretty!

  24. Oh my, yoo did a grate job dekurating yer dooovay! Yoo two have been vary hard at werk!!!

  25. Hey, Chey,
    The humans have to work to buy our food. Oh, bother!

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