Thankful Thursday

My Friend Liza!

My Friend Liza!

Today I wanted to let you know about a friend that I am thankful for. Meet Liza! Liza has an excellent job. Liza has a PHd (pretty happy dog) and she assists her person when at her work. We wanted to share with you about Liza and her human because so many cat owners have health issues and have had questions for our person via my email about natural medicine.

Liza, whose professional name is Dr. Dog assists Dr. Kat (yes REALLY.) who runs Naturmedika.

Dr. Kat is a human (with an extremely auspicious name) who is a board certified naturopathic physician. We wanted you to know about her because you don’t need to live in the Seattle area to consult with her. She does phone consults as well as in person consults. Of course, Dr. Dog doesn’t usually talk on the phone, but hey, if you have to talk to a human at least her name is comforting. How could your people not be in good hands?

We’ve always been so thankful to the support of the cat blogosphere and we’ve always wanted to help out, but given finances these last few months we’ve not been able to participate quite as much as we would have liked. As so many humans have had health concerns this year and others have emailed us asking questions about where we find some of our non standard health care products, we wanted to let you know about Dr. Kat and Dr. Dog. If you use the links along the top of her website you’ll see choices like “mind, body, spirit medicine” and “appointments” that will give you a little more information on her phone consultations–although it’s really best to drop her a line or give her a call.


  1. Liza is really awesome!!!
    I am also grateful for her!

  2. Thanks for the information Chey. We hope things pick up for your mom soon.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  3. Chey, thanks for the information ! she sounds fantastic!

  4. i went to vizit da paje uv da grate dr. kat … a ekstreemly auspicious name indeed.
    (wut’z “auspicious”?)

  5. How wonderful, Chey! Dr. Kat and Dr. Dog sound like a great resource! I’ll make sure my mommy bookmarks them in case we need them in the future.

  6. Wow….thanks for the great info!

  7. Thanks for sharing that information with us!

  8. Thanks for sharing! We actually have a great alternative medicine vet in our area. He used to be at our practice but went out on his own. I know first hand how wonderful the alternatives are.

  9. Chey
    That is some good info!

    Hellllllllllllllloooooooo Miss Gemini


  10. Dr Kat & Dr Dog sound really cool. I would be thankful fur friends like them too 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  11. That was very interesting and we are very pleased to meet Dr Liza Dog!

  12. Chey… you haz a furry nice new frend. I justee wanted to givez you a quick hug fur your empathee fur da momee oevfur here. I tink da kitteez of da bloggospear haz doe demselvz proud. It helps sooo much.
    Dr Tweety

  13. seems like everyone, beans an aminals haffen been so healthy lately. Purrs to yoor family- i send yoo warm wishes.

  14. Wow, Liza has an awesome job..I’ll bet she’s great therapy, too!

  15. That’s so very cool. We are very into natural healing techniques and thank you for sharing this info with us.

  16. thats grate Liza has a gud job.
    but that makes owr beans qwestion why we no bring home sum bakon. they say we kuld help oay sum fud bills.

  17. Dr. Dog here,

    Thanks to all my kitty friends for the nice comments. I am very proud to be a healer and help my human, Dr. Kat. I have a couple cat friends in my neighborhood that I love to visit, sometimes we play together and sometimes we just give kisses. I will send some purrrfectly good healing energy out to the whole catblogosphere gang…… It’s 8-8-08 today, Dr Dog wants you to know those numbers are special and help you manifest your biggest kitty kat dreams of abundant treats, limitless naps in the sun and oodles of belly rubs.

    Love, Dr. Liza Dog

  18. Dr Dog looks pretty cool. I wonder why she is standing on that small stone in the middle of all that water. I think I would be frightened to stand there, but I am never going to try, so will never know.

  19. way to go!!! Another reminder that a dog definitely is man or woman’s best friend!! The kindest person to emulate sometimes doesn’t happen to be human. Keep up the good work!!!

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