Tabby Tuesday

Well Momma is almost done with her busy busy month. I am ever so happy. Now that she has gotten in routine and is brushing me more, I still have furs flying all over the place. She says she has brushed out enough fur for a 10 pound cat.

I am not sure I believe this as I weigh in at only about 8 pounds (a little less than actually). So I think she is exaggerating the amount of furs I have shed into the brush that I like. But I have certainly lost a lot of furs but you could never tell cause I still have even more.


  1. You even have long furs in your ears, Gemini! Very pretty!

  2. Dat is in our job description Gemini, shed, shed den shed some more. Sadie is a short haired kitty but she sheds lots. Daddy calls her “plushy kitty”.

  3. You look so pretty with your hairs all brushed. Opus likes to have his fur brushed, but I would rather play with the brush!

    Sending kitty kisses from Africa,
    Opus and Roscoe
    (ps. STILL stuck in the quicksand)!

  4. You are looking good Gemini. We are glad that you are being brushed more. Mom says that for mostly short haired cats, she has enough furs on her clothes to make people think she has 40 cats, not 4. We just think Beans like to exaggerate.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  5. You and Puff have a great deal in common!

  6. mommy always tells us that she brushes out enough to make another cat too.

  7. We didn’t realize you were so small! We never seem to run out of furs either, Gemini!

  8. Maybe it’s cause Gemini is a twin? You gots all that ones furs on you?

  9. Oh my one beautiful coiffed Miss Gemini is almost too much for my mancat eyes to bear…

    What beauty…

    Your boyfriendcat

  10. You are still one floofy beauty, Gemini!

  11. You do have lots of floof – very pretty floof at that either.

  12. it sounds like Ping will be staring at your photo all day. you’re such a delicate lady cat, i can’t believe you shed 10lbs of hair! silly mommy

  13. I am very impressed with your thick fur coat! My coat is kind of sparse.

  14. You have lovely furrs Gemini. I love being Zoom Groomed, but my furrs still shed all the time. Flynn doesn’t hardly shed at all.

  15. Do you like to eat your furs after its brushed out? I just love to be brushed with my Zoom Groom but then I want to eat my furs. Don’t tell Chey. Well, I guess you can tell her if you think it won’t gross her out.

  16. Hhhhmmmm. That sounds like our brushes around here. How can that be? You have tons of fur! Beeyoutiful!

    Luf, Us

  17. We are alike Gemini, we both have more furs than the law allows … hee hee! Thanks to you and Chey for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Gotcha Day … I appreciate it so much!

  18. You could knit a jumper for the winter with your furs Gemini!

    Chey: Thanks, my finger is still hurty and it’s hard to type but it’s getting better:) xxx

  19. You are always stunning Georgia.. we hope your pet human spends more time with you soon.

  20. You have the most beautiful furs.
    Your mom should make you a nice scarf or a blankie with your furs!

  21. I am very happy for you that your mom will have more time be with you!

  22. Heeheehee!!!!!!! I have short hair and Mom would say the same thing to me. Well,make another cat .. she left out the 10 pound part 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  23. You were indeed ready for your closeup cutie.

  24. Oh Gemini, we weigh about the same, but I’m not quite as furry as you. Most of the cat fur in this family comes from Tipper & George.

    Your friend

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