Tabby Tuesday

Gemini waiting to be brushed

Gemini waiting to be brushed

I am not happy that Momma isn’t home more. Not only is she too busy to help me visit all my friends but she hasn’t brushed me nearly enough and so I have hacked up many furballs. This is not good for me. I could have a furball complex. Or it could ruin my digestion forever. She needs to brush me more!!!


  1. Oh this is a horrubul thawt. Yer getting a hareball complex…yer lady MUST act immediatlie and spend more time with yoo!

  2. My mom’s just as bad about brushing, too. And I keep telling her to update my links so I don’t forget to visit you guys, but on top of being “busy” and slow, she’s OLD and FORGETFUL. What’s a tiny boy to do!

  3. Brushing is totally important~!
    Blog, could be place like Number 2, but brushing must be the number one job!

  4. Mom’s aren’t supposed to forget about the brushing. That isn’t good for you. We hope you get brushed soon.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  5. Gemini, that’s terrible! Mom has our brushes strategically placed all over so she can just grab it and brush us a few times a day. Maybe you could remind her by yakking in her shoe.

  6. Oh no Gemini! Hairballs are one thing we don’t have to worry about. We hope you get a good brushing soon.

  7. This is a sad state of affairs… We insist on getting brushed every day before we let Mummy use the bathroom in peace! šŸ˜‰ At least you don’t suffer as badly as I have found out that Yao-lin does – you really should drop by and read my report on the subject! šŸ™‚


  8. Miss Peach says:

    Gemini come for a visit…mommy loves to brush kitties. She used to have a Persian and I do not have much furs…so she lisses brushing kitties!
    hey it will be cooler here to now! Leaving you a big basket of <3love<3 and ({({(hugs)})}) today!!
    Your Miss Peach

  9. Poor Gemini bein all ignored wiff yur needs. maybe yoo shuld contract owt sum help ta come in an brushy yoo.

  10. Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You need to sit on her chest and demand to be brushed!!!
    That usually gets attention šŸ˜‰
    Purrs Mickey

  11. AWe….hairballs suck!

  12. A furball complex…OH NO not my sweet little Gemini. We’ll hafta to work on a strategy to get your Mom to brush you more and spend more time with you….

    Purr purr purr
    We are hoping that the storm won’t be too bad on us…

  13. Gemini, you are looking extra-floofy today. I see your furs are just a little bit unruly.

  14. you need brushing time every day

  15. Chase has been on furball binge himself. Makes for lots of carpet cleaning.

  16. Gemini, can you teleport over to my place? Right now, my human’s not doing anything very important, so brushing you would put him to good use.

  17. We know how you feel. Our momma has been working hard at her job, so she comes home and has no brushing energy.

    Lucinda, Carmela, and Moe

  18. You sure do have a lot of pretty furs to be brushed!

  19. That’s not good! My mom brushes me every day. Miss Janet (pet sitter) did a good job of brushing me, but my grandmother bean watched me on Sunday and Monday and doesn’t brush me. Mom had to remove several mats last night when she got home.

  20. Hey, Gemini, Have you tried making a list of all the reasons your mom should stay home with you more often? You could sneak it into her wallet, where she will be sure to find it. (Especially if you take everything else out first – she won’t be able to miss it then.)

  21. Yes, Gemini’ mom bean…let Gemini visit more and keep her brushed well. I hacked up a fur ball the other day, too and it was no fun at all. I don’t have long fluffy hair like Gemini.


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