Tabby Tuesday

I was sitting in my window, the big one that I like, the other day. A bird was out there and I was very excited to be watching it!

Then it flew right at me and hit the window! I was ever so scared. I leaped down from my window perch and ran to the other side of the house so I could keep bird watching out the back window.

I did not want to be attacked by the wicked birds though.

And here I was thinking of asking it to be my NOMSS friend. I guess that was not to be.


  1. Well, it’s the thought that counts, Gemini! I’m sorry that birdie scared you!

  2. Oh wow! The bird flew into your window? It must have seen it’s reflection, evil birdie. How scary!

  3. Poor bird! I bet that hurt! But I’m sorry it scared you!

    I may be coming to your house until this entire “m” thing is done!


  4. Watch you, attack bird! And all you were doing was watching and admiring from afar!

  5. I think you might take more time to be friend with let birdy…
    Good luck!

  6. Birds can be so stupid at times. Imagine running into a window. Maybe it was hoping to be eaten?

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  7. When that happens, we all crowd up against the nearest door ta get at the stunned birdie.

  8. The fev-vers fly into our window sometimes too. Then it is a race to see who can get outdoors first, us or mum. If mum gets there first she puts them in the barn to recover for a short while. If we get there first she yells at us. Not fair.

  9. We have some Kamikaze birds at the Swamp, too. We have a theory that somewhere, waaaaay out in the Swamp, there must be some bird nip. Birds should never fly when their nipped out.

  10. birdz … duhr.
    see dat black pot in yer pikshur?
    i hav da same pot.
    intrestin, rite?

  11. Are you sure it wasn’t dinner being delivered?

  12. Miss Gemini
    I will make sure that no birdies attack you!

    Your boyfriendcat

  13. Gemini, maybe the birdie wanted to come up and meet you? and didn’t realize the window was in the way? we bet the birdie thought you was furry purrty and wanted to be your furriend too

  14. Meowm says this used to happen where she used to work. Birdies would fly right into the windows all the time. I hope that birdie got up and flew away!

    At least it didn’t come through the window and poke you with its beak!

  15. I think some birds might be a little bit dumb.

  16. We just wanted to stop by and say “Hi”! Mommy finally got home so we can blog again!

  17. You’ve just got to watch out for those birdies.

  18. That’s just….well its scary! I didn’t know they hunted cats!

  19. Maybe da bird wanted to be yoor NOMS frend but din’t know der was a window der. Sorry he scared yoo, was he okay after dat?

  20. Weird birdie. You’ll find the rite NOMS furriend tho 🙂

  21. Good thing there was glass between you and the attack bird!

  22. We run TOWARD anny sound of a birdie hittin a window. They is SO stoopid. Sometimes we get let out while the birdie is still all dumb-stunned.


  23. Mieoww – windows is a great invention. Scary moment, must have been.
    But a beautiful cat like you, sure handle this without needing post therapy. Mieol.

  24. Yup. We had to put up these bird thingees on our big windows to try and stop the birds from doing that.

    Luf, Us

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