Sunday Guest Star

Well our first visitor Pyewacket got this one:

ARGH! I got it! I got it!

You’re at the changing of the guard!

“They’re chankging guard at Buckingham Palace!
Christopher Robin went down with Alice!”

That’s a Winnie the Pooh song that my mom sings to me!

Um, do the guards need changing then? *snigger* – from Pye

While many cats knew it, many others thought I should have gone to China. Do you all not think I tried?! I mean when have I ever managed to teleport where I wanted?!  I realize that China is a large country but really. I did manage to not hit a building this time…

Derby was the most specific of cats:

I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!! But I am not first. They are riding BACK from changing the guard at Buckingham Place. They are riding down The Mall back to the Horse Guards Parade grounds. Mum has pictures of this same thing, but since she was there when they don’t wear the fancy uniforms.

Yes Derby you are right. This photo was taken as my humans were wandering lost around London and trying to figure out what they should do.  The Horse Guards were riding back and so they followed and ended up watching the ceremony in the Parade Grounds.

Miles and Sammy Meezer, I would like to thank you for your warning.  Actually Ranger and Nubi are in the background. You may have missed them. Besides, Sammy, if anything happens, I know I can count on your to whap the culprit!

Daisy, some day I will be somewhere you will know.  Perhaps next time I am in a parade it will be Macy’s!


  1. Hey Chey!

    Sorry we haven’t visited in forever. You’re certainly getting around. We hope the campaign is going well. We look forward to January when you’ll be nearby to us in the White House.

    Come visit our blog and guess why our latest post is special.


  2. We were actually expecting you to be at the opening ceremony o the Olympics! We were wondering what you were going to medal in, Chey!!

  3. I would have got that!!! My stupid fat lazy human slave went on a jolly camping trip but I WOULD HAVE GOT THAT IF SHE HAD LET ME ON THE COMPUTER!!!


  4. Pye is funny, isn’t she! We are always totally clueless as to where you are. We would only be able to figure out something obvious, like the Gateway Arch … hee hee! Have a Happy Sunday, Chey!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  5. I’m just happy you didn’t step in horse poo!

  6. since i diden’t hav innernet fer sum time, i wuzzen’t able to partisipate in yer “ware in da werld…”
    mi mom iz in da grate state uv florida now …
    cat-ah-ractz again fer mi gram.

  7. I will not give up!

  8. Hurrah for Pyewacket!


    It’s me! And it’s US!!

    Hurrah for us!

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