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Well most of you knew that I was at a baseball game. Even our British friends like Yao-lin where baseball is not such a beloved game. However, apparently Derby doesn’t find baseball all the exciting either and I expect that Skeezer, LC and Ayla’s human isn’t much of a fan.

Gandalf and Grayson were the first to get the right answer, although they were wrong with their first comment and right for their second (for the reasons they point out)

You’re at a Seattle Mariner’s game and Ichiro is pitching!

P.S. The heck we won’t enlarge it, we need every possible advantage because we’re usually clueless about your whereabouts!

Ichiro is hitting. Clearly… We got swept away in the excitement of finally recognizing something. Ichiro is NOT pitching.

We’re still big dumb-dumbs.

Well not totally big dumb-dumbs–because you knew it was Ichiro and we were at a Mariner’s game! Besides, I’m the one who gets lost!

Little Catzee was not quite correct. I am in a seat next to the visitors dugout (but separated from it).

Kelly Cat’s person clearly IS a baseball fan:

Geez, Chey, finally one I could get and I don’t make it here until Saturday morning… have to admit that I couldn’t see you until after enlarging the photo. But seeing a lefty hitter with #51 narrowed it down real fast to Big Insurance Company Field in Seattle.

Jeter Harris of course not only knew where I was but approximately WHEN the game was!

My human was flattered by the comment Eric and Flynn left. This really is a photo from OUR camera at the Indians game a few weeks ago and probably not the one in the paper that they saw in Britain:

We don’t know anything about baseball,but mum thought she saw this nearly identical photo in yesterday’s paper. She had to go out in the garage to find it.It’s Ichiro like everyone said, but he also scored his 3000th hit in that game.

However, our best quote was from Skeeter, LC and Ayla. All of us who are only occasional fans understand and laugh with you and not at you:

You must be in the Seattle Seahawks Stadium near the 1st base line

I’ll let Derby explain why that wasn’t quite a correct answer.


  1. Darn, we missed this one, to guess! Baseball game, cool!

  2. “Take me out to the ball game,
    Take me out with the crowd.
    Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,
    I don’t care if I never get back…”

    Excuse me, Pyewacket! This is your mother speaking and you have to get back NOW!

  3. Congrats to all the correct guessers! 🙂

  4. Congratulations to the winners.

  5. Concats to everyone who guessed it. Like we said, we don’t know anything about baseball, but that photo was very similar to the one in the newspaper. We thought maybe it was just taken from a different angle or something. We didn’t realise it was a different game. We asked mum to scan it so you could see it, but dad lit his bonfire last night and burnt up all the rubbish and papers from the garage. Darn it!!

  6. mor baseball! woo hoo!

  7. Woo Hoo! We’re printing this post and framing it! We’ll probably never-ever get another one right!

  8. You know you’re popular when……..
    You have beans digging in the garbage for answers!!
    Purrs Mickey

  9. One of these days I will get the right answer. I will never give up!

  10. What Daisy said!

  11. Glad you were in a padded area, Chey, but maybe you should have a helmet just in case Ichiro fouls one off your way.

  12. Ummm, yeah, in regards to the Seattle Mariners versus the Seattle Seahawks. Mariners play baseball, Seahawks play feetsball! It is OK Skeeter, LC and Ayla. You at least got the correct city!

    Mum once went to a concert by Michael Crawford a British person. He made a joke about the baseball team, kicking a touchdown. He may have meant hitting a home run. Poor joke or just playing stupid for a laugh, don’t know.

  13. I’m so upset that I missed it!! I will ask my mama to schedule a reminder in her calendar for next week’s event.

    Although, we, as a family, are not very knowledgeable on sports. It is still fun to play.
    Thanks for hosting such fun games, Chey!!

  14. Mom says it is hard enough to keep up with college football, much less those pro sports! However, she is traveling to San Diego next week and will go see the baseball game while there.

  15. We’re very stupid about baseball and American football but we’re planning to watch a little of the Olympics. Especially the bit where they dance with ribbons cause we cats like ribbons 🙂

  16. We finks Derby likes football like we do! Mom duzn’t know beans bout baseball.

  17. I try to watch baseball and wind up taking a nap. Naps are good! Hi Chey!!!

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