Meezer Rule Wednesday

Chey considers her decision

Chey considers her decision

You know what? If you don’t have a meezer rule, you don’t have to have a meezer rule. That’s my rule.

My human and I didn’t talk much this week and so I wasn’t able to boss her around. Nor was she around much to make many mistakes–just a few.

So I have no rules–other than that there should be a better way for humans to feed us than to have to go out and leave us all day for long periods of time with no attention.

Anyway, I couldn’t let Gemini get away with all the furball hacking. I yakked up a good bit of catfood. It was nice if I do say so myself.


  1. I think that’s the best rule I’ve heard yet!

  2. I just don’t know why the beans think they need to leave us for the day. Mom says something about getting green papers to keep my stock of stinky goodness and treat going.

  3. I think this is the greatest rule ever.
    For me, my rule is it!

  4. Good rule.

  5. We agree, Chey. Humans should be able to stay at home with us all the time!

  6. Well good for you. Your mom should be home with you more. We think you need to steal her credit card again and run your campaign ad on TV.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  7. Yup, they oughta’ be home with us all of the time.

  8. now that’s a great rule!!! and day hunting stinks

  9. Great job with the yak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our beans should remember to put US first!!!
    Leaving and not helping you is NOT acceptable !
    Purrs Mickey

  10. You know, if she’s not going to be home, at least maybe she’ll step in the hairball when she stumbles in at night.

  11. Yes, I don’t have to many rules either….oh well.

    Good job on hacking up some food. I love doing that to Meowm!


  12. Pooh Bear likes to leave his little “surprises” right in the way of where I walk, so I’m sure to know it’s there. 🙂

    Are you announcing your VP this week, along with the other candidates?

  13. I have a rule for you: do not post pictures of your adorable paw pads because they make me go CRAZY.

  14. Good Meezer Rule, Chey.
    your bud Pepi

    Pee Ess. If Latte has really gone crazy, I have a leftover straightjacket. Only used 312 times by Sanjee. *snicker*

  15. excellent!

    this is a very thoughtful pose!!

  16. Great one, Chey!

    I made sure my mommy woke up to a nice hairball in her bedroom floor this morning. It was one of my best efforts.

  17. We think da “all cats rule” is…beans need to pay attention to US! If dey stop sleeping and eat raw food offa paper plates dey would haf more time fur us!

  18. I hacked up a great big hairball today, too. Plus I almost caught a chipmunk, but he got away.

  19. i am way too hung over to comment!
    thanks for coming to the party

  20. Chey, you sure look comfy!

  21. Yep – best rule yet!

  22. Chey, a hairball is a great way to get back at the human, that’s for sure! My daddy had to clean up a puke pile of mine the other day and he almost puked himself … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  23. Way to go with the food yak. We “occasionally” do that around here. Heh heh.

    Luf, Us

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