Meezer Rule Wednesday

My Meezer Rule for today is, no matter how annoying humans are, they are great for promotion!

Oh if that doesn’t work up there, I think you should be able to view it here.


  1. I love it!!! You’ve got my vote!!

  2. That is the best political commercial I have ever seen. Yay, Chey!

  3. Fast-moving and to the point – great commercial!!!

  4. I love this rule so much!

  5. You’ve defintely got my vote!!!! Love it!

  6. Wow, Chey! We were blown away by this commercial! ::throwing confetti::

  7. Chey, that was fabulous. We are laughing our heads off – especially about the credit card. It was a wonderful commercial. Great job by your bean person.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  8. Brilliant!

  9. that is the awesomeness

  10. Good to know us humans are good for something.

  11. That’s possibly the best political ad I seen this campaign season yet!

  12. pawsome!


  13. That was GREAT!!!! How refreshing to have an uplifting campaign commercial instead of just another attack ad! You rock, Chey!!


  14. No doubt whom to vote for;)))

  15. Purrfect!!!!!!!

  16. This is just amazing. What a fabulous commercial to get the point across!

    I will need to come stay with you because I’m so emotionally fragile right now. I can’t be abandoned and I know you won’t abandon me.

  17. well … dere iz no dowt dat u hav mi vote …
    pee ess … grate sowndtrak!

  18. Wow. You have your own commercial

    You’ve got some celebrity competition now. Paris Hilton has put out her own Presidential video — and she approved it.

    But we don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  19. YOU ROOL!

    (YOU forgot to put me on the video, that what people ?, me!)

  20. Vote for Chey! Vote for Chey! That was the best political commercial we have ever seen!
    Your FL furiends

  21. WOWY WOW! Whut a great ad! Pretty soon yer gonna need a place fer yer campane headquarters, and a posse, and t-shirts, and bumper stickers AND Kazoos! But watch out fer those smear campanes! They’re gonna tell stories about yer nip use and flash photos of yer spot #13! Ypu better git a body guard!

  22. Chey, you are on your way now! That was one fantastic political commercial. “I am Chey, and I approve this ad.”

    ps: I hope the credit card does not get you into any trouble…

  23. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Dat wa a great ad…much better den dat grey haired guys compairing dat other guy to someone who is famus fur being famus. What? Never mind, dis add was uplifting.

  25. we love it too!

  26. Paid for by “Critters for World Domination” We Love it!!!

    We’re going to vote for YOU!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. Excellent!!

  28. Chey dear, can you tell me why there is a suitcase on the floor?

    Our gran who lives up north fell and broke her shoulder and has to stay with mom’s sister for two weeks.

    Where is mom going? Is she going up to stay with them to help out for a few days?

    I’ll miss her.

  29. Very nice, Chey. I think it gets right to the point. Odd that I haven’t seen it running on any of the networks yet.


  30. Cool!!!! I like it!! Better than any I have seen so far 🙂
    Go Chey!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  31. Great commercial Chey. It’s the best we have seen.

  32. That was the best political commercial we’ve EVER seen!

  33. Thanks for giving me your support while I was locked in kitty jail! I’m home!

  34. Chey, thats excellent!!!! And there’s no mudslinging or negative campaigning at all! (But we know you wouldn’t do that, that’s why you are the obvious choice!!!!)

  35. Way cool Chey! It beats all of the other noise the other candidates are putting out!

  36. Wowie kazowie! What a superduper ad! It should be on alla the TV stashuns all ofur the USA!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  37. You can count on my vote! That was great!

  38. What a FABULOUS commercial!!! You are SURE to win!!!!

  39. Best commercial EVER. You’re gonna get a lot more votes with it for sure.

  40. Super promo video, Chey! You have always had my vote regardless but now I think the human will also be voting for you as will her friend .

    So that will be at least 2 more votes then ha ha


  41. Miss Peach says:

    Oh Chey I have never been so honored to be a part of promoting AMERICA! I just know you will win this election! You simply must as there is NO HOPE for this country otherwise! There are no cats that can equal you!
    May I post this on my blog for more exposure?
    Sending you much love…Miss Apple I mean Peach pie

  42. Well ain’t that just as cute as a bug in a rug???

    Luf, Us

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