Meezer Monday

Cheysuli awaiting Feather action

Cheysuli awaiting Feather action

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Rumors abound that Barak Obama and John McCain are both fighting for Cheysuli as the VP on their ticket. Each candidate seems to feel the political cat could bring them voters that would otherwise not be interested in their campaign.

Spokescats for Cheysuli deny any such claims or interest.

“She’s running for president,” stated one. “The only VP seat she’d even consider would be Al Gore and he most certainly isn’t running.”


  1. Oh, for sure, President and nothing else!

    Did you get the feather?

  2. Duhr!

  3. I can’t believe they would have the nerve to even think of suggesting such a thing!


  4. I think your momentum conquering everyone!

  5. (((hugs))) and headbutts!


    Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my Gotcha Day!

  6. While any candidate would be lucky to have you as their VP, we know you can be president, Chey!

  7. You keep running for President, Cheysuli. No way should you ever even consider playing second fiddle to a human.

  8. No Vice in front of you!!!

  9. Chey dear, I looked at you for ages this evening, admiring your beauty. Er, you look so like me, but you are fairer. I have darker legs and a darker face. Could it be because it is so cold here?
    Purrs from Pye.

  10. The nerve! All or nothing at all, Chey!

  11. why do people think that cats would be willing to take a back seat to anyone? sheesh! stoopid people

  12. We agree! President Chey it is!

  13. You have the capability of being the president Chey. No hoomans can be so eligible as you. They are very stupid to offer you the VP position.

  14. President or bust, for sure. I think the tide’s about to turn your way…

  15. It just shows that they know who the TRUE winner will be, Chey.

  16. Yay fur Chey!

    Luf, Us

  17. We’re voting for Chey!

  18. Oh how I missed you!! I can see you’ve been very busy without me. You’re very right, don’t lower your standards!

  19. We are voting for you sweetie. WOW nice outfit today!!

  20. why would you settle on being their VP? they should be fighting to be YOUR VP

  21. Those two don’t have a clue, do they Chey? Chey in ’08!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  22. I think they want you to run for VP because they are too scairt you will win for President!

  23. They don’t get it, do they? They should be begging you to be YOUR vice president!

  24. Mom sez most manbeans do not haf a clue…We think she is gonna vote fur yoo Chey and she almost haf dad talked into it too. It’s easy to get dad to do dat cuz he doesn’t haf a clue, wait, he’s a manbean so dat is kinda repetitive.

  25. I’d vote for Chey anytime! I will convince Mom to do so also.

  26. How dare those bozos thinking you want VP status!!!
    Go Chey all the way!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  27. Wait. No. Are dey owt of dare minds? Would yoo efun consider such an idea?

  28. Hey if you get to be their VP where does that leave me?

  29. Yeah, you go stand up for yourself Chey. You’d be a better President anyways.
    your bud Pepi

  30. Chey, you are such a handsome cat.
    Before my mom took on me she had a beautiful lilac point siamese cat called Henry – who sadly died aged nearly 20 years old in 2004. It broke mom’s heart and when she saw the pic of you it reminded her – and she cried. She and Henry looked after each other for the whole 20 years and she still misses him terribly. I reminded her that although Henry is gone now, she will always love and remember him and now she has me to take care of her. I’ve been with mom since I was 7 weeks old and I’m now a big boy of 15 weeks.

    Love Milo xxx

  31. Oh, please pick Algore as yer VP! We are worried that Barrack an McCain will pick cats as VP’s and that would make things confoosin!

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