Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Candidate Cheysuli is finally getting some good campaign news. The week her first campaign video came out, Barak Obama was no longer held the number one political candidate you tube account. Yes, Really.

Additionally several polls have shown Cheysuli running ahead of both John McCain and Senator Barak Obama.

When asked which candidate they would rather have to clean a litter box for, Cheysuli was the clear winner with Obama and McCain getting percentages only in the single digits.

Further, Cheysuli also beats McCain and Obama in the “Which candidate would you rather have sleeping on your pillow?” contest. A write in candidate named “Eww” was the clear second place winner.

Also, Cheysuli narrowly edges our Barak Obama in the which candidate would you rather have hack up a hairball under your desk question.

Finally, in the very important category of “Which candidate would you rather snuggle with,” Cheysuli was also the clear winner, often getting three and four votes from the same people. Apparently her most beloved American campaign has been a great political strategy for her


Our Condolences to Violette’s family. All August posts have been written (except Sunday Guest Star) and set to post as of the end of July due to work constraints else we’d have posted the lovely graphics made by Daisy.


  1. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Go, Chey!

  2. The tide is turning. I jes know it! Yoo haff my full support.

  3. Makes sense. There are more voters who love cats than there are either Republicrans or Demogats or even Republidemodoggies!

    This election is a shoo-in fer ya if ya can just get the shoobox vote split. A mamsy ta the hamsterpeople, and ya win BIG!

  4. This is very serious timing~!
    You have my vote here!

  5. I would like to snuggle with you too Chey! You have my support!

  6. Go Chey!

  7. You are completely the most Snuggle-able-est!

  8. Definitely more snuggle-able than any of the other candidates!

  9. Chey, I think you are a shoe-in!

  10. You are the best candidate out there!

  11. You are the best candidate and we would snuggle with you as well!

    Junior and Orion

  12. oh chey, i would vote for a snuggle with you any day!

    thank you for sending us the lovely message bout Stormie…we have been missing her quite a lot this week, not sure why Meowmie is feeling it more this week, she just is. maybe cos she has been thinking i need a friend…when all we want is our Stormie. y ou are indeed a beautiful Meezer too x

  13. Looks like you are a litterbox ahead of the other candidates, Chey. Now they’re playing in your league. You got them!

  14. Way to go, Chey! Does this mean I can use my mom’s Barack Obama tee-shirt as a bed?


  15. Clearly Chey will be elected!
    Sorry to hear your pet human is busy too. Why do they do that to themselves? Humans are so silly.

  16. I would never ever want BarrieObama sleeping on my pillow… NEVER!!!

    Of course you have my support!

  17. Absolutely the snuggiest!!!
    Very contemplative picture of you today! You look like you are already solving the problems of the world.

  18. yes … i wood like to leev a comment regardin dis.
    i hav seen sum campane adz an chey’z iz da bes.
    mi vote iz fer chey.

  19. Well,I would not want to clean the litterbox of those other guys!!!!
    Chey all the Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  20. Mom says she is still voting for Chey! Go Chey!

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