Find Chey Friday

Well, we have so many celebrations and so little time. Weddings and birthdays oh my! So who did I wander off to see?! You’ll have to guess. If you can’t see me in the small photo, then click to bigify. I’m there–looking at you!

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  1. Oh my Bast, I think that I finally have a guess as to where you are, Chey! Could it possibly be a castle near Berlin, at Potsdam? Maybe called Sanssouci, a former summer palace? My dad was in Germany before and he likes historical buildings.

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  2. I’m out of ideas the only thing I know it looks like the yellow house, Costa Rica, but I’m not sure hehehehe

    Is it a church or something
    Ok, It’s a yellow & green church of something
    hehehehe 😉

  3. Hmmm…it looks like the museum in St. Louis. There’s a zoo nearby. And a park. Well it’s IN the park. I wonder if there are squirrels in the park. They’d be fun to chase… Hmmm…

  4. China Cat! Way to go! You are right!

    Now does anyone know who I am honoring because they are having a birthday?!

  5. Well, darn … and I was *sure I knew this one! 😉

    Okay, not really. Congrats, China Cat!

  6. China Cat got it right. You are Sansouci, the summer palace of Frederick the great, the king of Prussia. Sans Souci translates (roughly) into Without cares or carefree.

    That would be a great place to relax before the final big campaingning blitz before the election.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  7. PS – you are honoring Merlin since he lives close to there. Merlin’s birthday is on Tuesday.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  8. Rats!!!! As usual if it’s one we know, we are always too late and someone has guessed before us.Concats to China Cat. We agree with Camie’s Kitties. We think you are honouring Merlin for his birthday.

  9. Darling I know exactly where you are! You are at the Sans Souci palace at Potsdam, near Berlin. They have a selection of oil paintings hanging there and one of them is of me! Of course, they should ALL be of me and the building should be painted in cream and seal point but nevermind.



  10. We know not where you are, we just know we wish we were there, too.

  11. It sure is pretty and someplace we’d like to see. But alas we have nefur seen dat before.

  12. Living ‘carefree’ at the summer place… that should be us.

  13. we want to play thundering herd of elephants there. and you’re saying happy purrfday to Merlin!!!

  14. Wow another purrty place to look at, it seems everybuddy is getting to visit cool looking places lately! 🙂

  15. i see u in da window chey … but i hav no idear uv ware u ar …
    why don’t u come to noo york sumtime … maybe i’ll havva chance uv gessin ware u ar.

  16. It took us two biggifys to find you! We were looking on the steps and outside.
    Don’t know where you are, but it’s very pretty!
    ~ Napoleon and Sara

  17. *woo hoo*
    Where you are it’s a great howze!

    Helllllllloooooooooo Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  18. Indeed it is for Merlin! WOO HOO!

    Yao-lin I have not yet seen your lovely picture there… I’ll have to go hunting.

  19. I like seeing you in the window there. I typed Sans Souci and did a Google search to try to find you, but when I ended up at a website for a Dallas Swingers Club I decided maybe I’d give this one a pass. Can’t wait to find out where you really are, because I don’t think that’s a swinger’s club.

  20. OK I admit I’m really bad at these. But I’m always proud to see where you are visiting!

  21. I thought you were at the Kremlin. Spying.

  22. Oh, I’m so excited that I finally had a correct guess! Usually I have absolutely no idea where you could be visiting, Chey! I didn’t guess it was Merlin’s birthday but that is very exciting too!

    Excitedly purrrrrrrring, China Cat

  23. Go China Cat 🙂
    We figured it out too before we looked at comments, just to see if we could. Yep, we did. We just have to remind our typist to get to blogging earlier for us. heheh
    your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties

  24. Concats to China cat!
    Yep, this looks very german!

  25. I see you Cheysuli – you look great! But I have to admit I didn’t know where the building was!

  26. You get to go to all the coolest places!

  27. No clue on this one… MOL!

  28. Oh Chey!! You do pic the coolest places to visit!!
    Give Merlin a birthday hug for me 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  29. deer chey …
    i think dat iz NOT a joke!

  30. Mom had no clue. sheesh.

  31. our guess, based on the building’s name, is you’re somewhere in France. or Europe in general.
    (sadly, it’s not a very good guess)

  32. Chey, we saw Max thought you were in St. Louis! That is so sad, because we don’t even know what the museum here looks like, so we had no clue! I guess we need to expand our horizons … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

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