Find Chey Friday

Oh now where am I?

Oh now where am I?

If this isn’t the height of laziness, I don’t know what is. Look at this photo! A few of you might recognize it because you drool over photos of me in your spare time and know this blog better than I do. About a year ago I was in this shot. This SAME shot. It’s even linking to that same photo!

I told you where I was then. So can you find me today? As an added bonus, do you know why I am here?

Find the full Find Chey rules so you know how to make the best guesses!



  1. Is…..the Chey falls?

  2. Are you at the Tall Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State?

  3. Skeeter’s answer sounds good. Can I piggyback on that? 😉

  4. You are at the perfect spot for watching the waterfall!

  5. Rats! We weren’t blogging yet a year ago. We’re doomed!

  6. Isn’t that where your humans got married?

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  7. As the answer is already guessed, let me tell you the REAL
    location 😉
    You’re in Rivendell (Imladris if you’re an elf)!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  8. aw shoot – the answer was guessed and the reason too.

    oh well.

  9. I am too late the answer has already been guessed bt some very smart kitties…

    Hellllllllllllooooooooo Miss Gemini
    Have a grate weekend.

    your boyfriendcat

  10. We are at Snoqualmie Falls–yes Skeeter, LC and Ayla and VERY GOOD Camie’s Kitties! It is where the Woman got married.

    No Mickey it’s not Rivendell, but it is also a fictional place here! No one has mentioned that or the name of the Ledge…

  11. I believe it is the Greater Poose Falls in Yellowstone or is it in The Grand Tetons? hmmmmmm


  12. Oh, well. For once, we could answer the question. Snoqualmie Falls in Washington state. But Skeeter and others beat us to it. We’re gonna make Jan go without dinner since it’s her fault we’re late getting here today.

  13. Oh, you want the name of the lodge. Is it the Salish Lodge & Spa?

  14. AGain, because mum won’t let me blog during the day I missed out on giving the winning answer.::sigh::

  15. Ah well we reckon it’s that Niagra Falls that we can’t spell.

    Hey – we haven’t been here for a WHOLE week cause mom went up north to help her sister with their mother who fell and broke her shoulder – she’s 84 ya know.

    A whole WEEK!!! Sheesh!

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