Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful that these people in this town are getting the word out to vote for me. They look like they are in one of the richer neighborhoods so perhaps they will donate! (click to enlarge the picture)

I am thankful that it looks like my human will have a better day today than she did on Tuesday. I hate it when she has bad days because I get so neglected. I mean I have to jump on her to get attention and she doesn’t just automatically know what I want. Can you imagine?

I hope that everyone else has a wonderful week as well!


  1. They sure put up a huge sign for you! You should have that neighborhood for sure! we are taking it easy on safari right now…resting up for the next adventure to come. Which it will!

  2. Chey, per your note on my blog, I also cannot believe that I forgot to include you on my Presidential straw poll! Where was my mind?! Don’t worry, you will be on the next one. Probably replacing Queen Elizabeth.

  3. We empathize wif you dood! Mommakitty wuz feelin’ icky today – she thought she’d just ignore us and go take a nap on da couch. Well,. . . Kimo got up and plopped down on her tummy and Sabi plopped on her feets. We decided she wuzn’t goin’ kno where until we gotted some attentions!

  4. I sincerely hope your momma getting well and play with you~!
    I am also thankful she is doing better today,
    so you -my friend could be cheering up!

  5. This town looks favourable in generating funds and interest in ur race for President, Chey.
    It’s worse when the beans give u a totally different (wrong)reply/action to wat u asked of them… We hope it gets better for u, Chey!

  6. That sign is no more than is your due, Chey! One of those should be in *every neighborhood!

  7. They put up a giant sign for you, Cheysuli! They must really like you. I am glad that your Mom is feeling better.

  8. What a great sign!
    That should help your campaign!

  9. i know ware u ar … yer in seattle … wut … dis izzn’t ware in da werld iz chey?
    oh …
    dat’zza big sign.
    i hope yer mom iz feelin better an better.

  10. Whoa! A billboard large enough to read from the satellite? Cool!

  11. wow, what a great billboard!

  12. Chey – the people of sim city are with you 100%! Also, my human’s sims are supporting you! Sims of Pleasantview are behind chey all the way xxxx

  13. That is a great sign! If you can tell us where to get one, we will post it up on our town too!

    Kitty kisses from Africa,
    Opus and Rosoce

  14. They are very smart to put up such a big sign for you Chey. Sometimes humans are smart. We’ll see if we can get the people here to put up a sign for you.
    Boni Maroni

  15. Yup!! The people in that town are smart 😉
    I’m g;ad your Mom is having a good day so you can have the attention you deserve!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  16. Yeah hopefully your mom has a better day. I don’t like crabbified humans.

  17. That was a great sign!
    Every one should have one.

    Your boyfriendcat

  18. That town has great tastes.

  19. You have many, many supporters everywhere!

  20. Wow! Thank you for playing our game. E is for thundering herd of elephants all right!

    Mom is cross as she has to get up now and go to work!

  21. Yeah, sometimes humans have bad days and we’re the ones who suffer the most because of it. Have you had the “I am first in your life no matter WHAT!” talk with your human yet?

    To tell you the truth, neither have we. We don’t want to end up homeless and panhandling on the streets.

  22. yep, that sign is sure to get you lots of votes. We’re sorry your mom how been havin’ some bad days. That’s no fun for you or her.

  23. Come lookie what Richmond did for us for our purrthday, Chey!!!

  24. We Ballicai are purrin fur yur Momma! And those people in that town look like they’re furry sensible. Good of ’em to get the wurd out to VOTE FUR CHEY!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

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