Thankful Thursday

Well I am very thankful that this dental thing is over… I think… erg. I have to nap now. What? I’m still here. No cameras. They’ll claim I need rehab. Really it’s just the anesthetic. They took five teeth including, it appears my beautiful fangs. I haven’t looked in a mirror to be sure though. And I’m not letting anyone close to me.

I don’t think I had to wash dishes. I couldn’t say. It’s all such a blur. And now I need a real nap. This photo was pre-surgery so don’t think I look this good right now.

I believe the dental was on the low end of the quote, for which my human is thankful. Five teeth means that I am only down 10 teeth. I must have a couple left right?


  1. O Chey, I’m so sorry about your teefies! I hope you’re resting with some heavy-duty pain medication.

  2. Rest more~!! Chey~!
    I am sure your teeth issue will be solved in no time!

  3. Oh no five teefs…even your purrety fangs…how will you put the bitey now…

  4. I agree that gitting yer teeths pulled suks. But qwite frankly, I DREEM of having a gerlfrend hoo’s a gummer. So if yoo feel like ditching hubby sumtime, drop by my howse. I’ll be nappin in the stroler in the garadje.

  5. Awwww, (((((Chey))))) big huggies! I’m glad yur dental thingie is ofur now, and you can rest and feel bettur! I’m sorry you hadded to lose the toothies, but you’ll like things just fine without ’em bein all owie. Marilyn sends espeshul big hugs cuz she knows just what you’re going thru!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao, Marilyn, and alla the Ballicai!

  6. Oh, dear! Poor you, Chey! We hope you heal quickly!

  7. oh noes Chey – your beautiful fangs? you poor girl. take it easy the rest of the week

  8. Chey, you just take it easy and rest! It didn’t take me long to get over having my toothies taken out, and I got even MORE lovin’ from Momma after it was done. And I only have one bottom fang left. I hope your mouth starts feeling better really quick, so you hang in there furriend, okay?
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,

  9. dey took yer FANGZ???
    i’m verree sorree …
    i hope yer feelin better.

  10. Poor thing … get some rest today.

  11. Take lots of drugs, get lots of rest, and we hope you feel better soon! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. Oh sweetie, we hope that you rest and heal quickly. We are purring for you!

  13. Chey
    We all hopes you feel better real soon, we is sorry that they took so many of your toofs…we will send healing purrs your way…and you still look beautiful.

    Speaking of beautiful, I know that my lovely Miss Gemini is looking spectacular too and I can see Miss Georgia looking mighty sweet too.

    Purrs to all of you lovely ladies….

  14. You just rest up and take your time recovering, Chey. I’ll purr that you feel more yourself very soon. <3

  15. Chey, we are so sorry to hear they took five of your teeth. We hope your mouth heals quickly. Sending healing purrs your way.

  16. Chey! Bless your heart. Dorf feels for you, man…

    Luf, Us

  17. Don’t worry Chey even without your fangs you’re totally beautiful. I hope you’re ungrogified soon. I hate that feeling.

  18. Oh, Chey, we are sad to hear this news, but we’re glad you won’t have to wash dishes to help pay for the surgery. We hope you heal quickly!

  19. Whicky Wuudler says:

    Poor Chey, you rest up and make sure the v-e-t gave you some painkillers for home use. My sisfur Angel and my ‘bro Gerry had all their teefs out and even though they were a bit sore for a few days they are now much happier. Angel is an old, old gal now and has a new lease of life. They can’t put the bitey on anymore but they do ok putting the gummy on and are both still beautiful. You take it easy Chey sweetie!

  20. Awwww Chey! We really wanted you to be able to keep your fangs! Bummer! We hope this helps clear up any problems though. So it’s only wet food for you? Sending you purrs and gentle headbutts for your mouth to heal quickly.

  21. oh Chey! you’d be beautiful if you had NO teeths. that just means more stinky goodness to eat right? we’re sending you many many healing purrs and prayers. you just rest up and don’t worry about those tabloids.

    um, Bendrix was intrigued by your comment about your fridge. he is also afraid no one tagged you so we won’t get to see it, so, being the rebel he is, we have tagged you for the Cold Box Meme

  22. They took ALL of your fangs? Well, I do not think you really need those teeths anyway. I am glad your ordeal is over with. Get lots of rest now!

  23. Oh, owie!! I’m sorry about your poor teeth! I hope you feel better ๐Ÿ™

    I gave you an award over in my blog.

  24. Queen Snickers says:

    Aww poor baby! Your pretty fangs! Can you get false ones? They make them for beans!

  25. We’re thinin’ ’bout ya sweet Chey & hopin’ that you feel all the way better furry soon. Your fangs were incredible, but we know that you are still just as beautiful now. Rest up & feel good!

  26. Oh no, not your fangs? How you gonna put the bitey on ankles???

  27. Sorry to hear they had to take more teeth, Chey. We’ll send pain-killing vibes your way, and hope you get back to normal soon.

  28. Oh Chey, I’m so sorry! But you will still be your beautiful self, and your mouth won’t hurt so much. Thanks for coming and keeping us company Monday night.

  29. Oh, you poor baby. I do hope you recover soon. It would terrible not to have your fangs. Like not having front claws.

    Get better soon, Hugs….G

  30. Oh, Chey, we are so glad you are back home from your toofie surgery. Are they giving your mom credit on the bill for those toofies? Sweet dreams!

  31. Best of luck on the toofies- hopes you don’t lose any more!!

    Thanks for visiting my site yesfurday!!

  32. ((((((((((((((((((((((CHEY)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    I am sorry about the teeths ๐Ÿ™
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Guess it’s whapping for you from now on!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  33. The Meezer Bun is on her way to keep you company while you nap.

  34. Feel better soonest Chey.

  35. (((Hugs))) dear Chey, we hope your mouf is not hurting too much. Sorry you hadda lose some teef, hurts in more ways den one! We’s looking forward to your feeling better real soon.

    Mindy & Moe

  36. Poor Chey!!! Please feel better soon! Purrrrrs and hugs to you!
    Your FL furiends,

  37. Oh Chey!! You poor thing! Momma sez that she feels yur pain, what efur that means!!! Hope you feel better soon!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  38. Oh Chey, Willow and I are thankful that you are OK today after all that icky dental work. You will always be beautiful to us!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  39. Chey, I am so sorry they took your fangs! But don’t worry about your career, you don’t need fangs in the White House, and you still have always other instruments (let they never underestimate your sharp claws…)

    I know how it is to lose teeth, so I send you purRRS to feel better soon.

  40. Aw man, I was hoping you’d get to keep all your teeths, especially your fangs. I hope they sent you home with fun drugs to make up for it.

  41. I’m sorry bout yur choppers girly. Dats jes a raw deel. Me and Tenny send our purrs.

    Georgia has the prittiest green eyes. I’m sorry I’ve missed yoo guys all week!

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