Thankful Thursday

First, I would like to say I am thankful for creative places to snooze and cuddle.  I am also thankful that I was safe through the thunderstorm that we had today.  We don’t get them often.

I would like to take this moment to be thankful for our health. Even Georgia. She is still with us. The Woman had a conversation with a friend. Her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago and this was their first opportunity to sit and chat.

The Woman was moved by the sincerity in what was said. As they chatted–all those things that make you wonder what could have caused this to happen, her friend said “I don’t worry about “why me” very much. I mean the first answer that always came up was why NOT me?”

We are thankful to have our lives touched by someone who has found so many positive learning experiences from something so traumatic. We can only hope that in some small way we can pass on that wisdom to others.


  1. Chey, we are very glad that Georgia is still with you. It sounds like your mom’s friend has a great attitude. Our dad’s mom is a breast cancer survivor, and our mom’s dad is a prostate cancer survivor. Nearly everyone knows someone who has been affected by one of these two cancers.

  2. Your Mom’s friend sounds very smart. I hope she fights very hard!

  3. Such a wonderful post, Chey. It is important to be thankful for the wonderful blessing we have.

  4. we are thankful to have all of you as wonderful furriends.

    we hope that your mom’s friend will be cured and live many more happy years.

  5. That’s a very nice post, Chey. Your Lady’s friend sounds like a wise person.

  6. Your mom’s friend is very wise and brave. I hope she wins the fight! I’ll be purring for her.

  7. That really is an amazing attitude! And you have amazing beauty my dear. Your eyes are so lovely.

  8. Thanks for reminding us to be grateful for our health. I am grateful for each day I have with my sister Pixie.

  9. Queen Snickers says:

    Thanks for the great post! Mom’s auntie is a breast cancer surviver. Your mom’s friend is strong, we will purrr for her a winning fight!

  10. Since 9/11 a lot more people have realized how quickly things can change, and that we have to make every day count. Your human mom’s friend sounds as though she has the right attitude for the upcoming fight.

  11. I always like when you have a thankful thursday, Chey. I am thankful for the two times that my mom was a cancer survivor and thankful for the time we have with her now even though she is in stage 4 cancer. I think your mom’s friend is very smart and very brave!

    -Icon’s mama

  12. We are thinking good thoughts for your mom’s friend. I love that picture of you, Chey.

  13. Wowie, yur Momma’s furriend sounds like a wise and wunnerful lady, and we will purr furry hard fur her. What a wunnerful Thankful Thursday. There are so many great things in life to be thankful fur!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  14. You look furry wise in your picture. Your mum’s furiend is right, why spend the energy thinking ‘why me?’ when you could be putting that energy into moving forward with working on the disease to beat it.

    Happy 4th.

  15. Jeff’s oncologist sez dat attitude has a lot to do wif fighting da desease…yoor mom’s frend haf got da right attitude!

  16. I am thankful you are OK!!
    Purrs for your Mom’s friend,she seems at peace with
    her diagnosis and that will help in her treatment.
    I am happy Georgia is with you too :)Purrs for your family 🙂

    Purrs Mickey

  17. What an incredible friend. We are thankful for people like her in the world.

  18. I luf da curl and cuddle sleep places. Mommeh saz she gonna haffa vacuum da chair soon acaz it all furry look like a chair cat.

  19. Healthy is truly very very important.
    I really notice about that.
    Healthy is our biggest fortune.

  20. Wise words and good things to be thankful for.

    Happy Independence Day, Miss Independent Candidate for President. (You are an independent, aren’t you? We never asked what party you’re with.)

  21. Georgia seems to be a very special person!
    This was a very wise post and very true. Sometimes when we complain we forget that there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

  22. This was certainly a very good post to remind us to be thankful. Your mom’s friend sounds like a very wise person and we will purr for her.

    Purrrrrrrrs, Willow & China Cat

  23. yur moms furriend sownds lyk a smart an introspective woman.

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