Tabby Tuesday

Gemini sits beautifully in the window

Have you been to Floof and Fur? I am a floofer on Floof and Fur. It is for floofy cats like me. Maggy and Zoey created it.

I like having a place like that because Cheysuli can’t be on Floof and Fur because she is not so floofy!

Oh we just discovered the new caption part of the newest blogger update! See–it says that I am sitting beautifully in the window–which is one of my favorite things next to making biscuits!


  1. You are sitting so beautifully by the window. How cute!!

  2. Welcome to floof and fur. I am also a member, but mom hasn’t been feeling too well the past two weeks, so we have been a little slack updating stuff. Mom says we must try the new caption part of the blogger.

  3. Wow, you look great! We didn’t know about that new caption option!

    Chey: a furball? Teehee …

  4. Gemini, we agree, you are indeed floofy and sitting beautifully in the window, but since you have a WP blog, how can you have blogger updates? We feel like Billy Sweet Feets… we’re afused.

  5. You do look beautiful sitting in the window, Gemini. Floof and Fur looks like a fun blog for all you floofy cats.

  6. You look lovely in the window, Gemini. 🙂 You are certainly floofy! 🙂 We are the exact opposite of floof. 😉

  7. We tink u can add ‘Regal’ to the caption as well, Gemini!
    … Though Chey may not take too kindly to that… haha

  8. You look very pretty by the window!

  9. You look very pretty sitting there Gemini. The window and plant make a lovely frame for you.

  10. Such a pretty and floofy gal! We will check out the site and the caption maker!

  11. I can’t be on fluff and fur either, especially with my currently soggy furs… 🙁

  12. you’re looking very pretty Gemini!

  13. You are a gorgeous, floofy tabby ladycat Gemini! I love that picture of you.

  14. You do have some fabulous foof on ya!

  15. Gemini, you are looking extra beautiful and floofy!

  16. nope … i am not floofy an, altho i hav fur, i am not furry like gemini. i am, however, a tabbycat … anna mancat.
    verree byootiful gemini.

  17. That is a perfect caption for you, and so fitting. Also, it’s nice that you have a place to call your own.

  18. You are flooferific!!!!!!!!!

  19. what a perfect pose for you! you are beautiful and floofy indeed. i love the caption option! what fun!


  20. That’s cool you have a place to hang out without Chey. Of course I don’t understand wanting to ever be away from her.

  21. Gemini, you sure are a purrty lady Gemini!

  22. Gemini,you are beautiful and I agree!! It is nice to have a place just for you !!
    Purrs Georgia(proud member of TATA, that does not include Tillie or Mickey )

  23. That is an exceptionally lovely portrait of you Gemini! We are glad to hear you have your own space on Floof and Fur.

    Mindy & Moe

  24. You look beautiful there Gemini. And I think the captions thing is great.
    Boni Maroni

  25. Sitting in the window is the best! And you do it so well too!

  26. Gosh Gemini, yoo is so beyootiful!

  27. You izt so beeyoutiful!

    Luf, Us

  28. Ah, Gemini, you are such a floofy and furry girl. Of course you would be on Zoolatry’s new site.

    We’ll have to check out the new photo feature in blogger.

  29. Lol..thats a cite looking cat..Nice post as well:)

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