Tabby Tuesday

Oh I am not so happy to roll over and there is Momma with a camera! Sigh. Somethings are just for relaxing.

I have been smelling our new Breeze Litterbox. I have not gotten in it yet. Momma is disappointed. She expected to be the one who didn’t really like it but she likes it a lot and we won’t use it. She has put a big old poop in there to try and make it smellier because thinks that given what our other litterboxes look like this one is too clean and we don’t know we are supposed to use it.

I do not know. I have not gone in and so she might have to put a smellier poop in it to attract us.


  1. What *is this Breeze litterbox that no one seems to want to use it? I’d like to see a picture of one.

    Meanwhile, your picture is lovely, Gemini … 🙂

  2. Look at yur eers! I can tell yoo is annoyed. I git like that too sumtimes when the flashy bocks is about.

  3. We have heard that about the breeze litterbox all too often in the CB world. We love our littermaid and it works great, except mom kind of bent it when she was moving it. She tripped and fell on it, so it doesn’t work perfectly anymore, but it still works great.

    You look very annoyed, but still lovely Gemini.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. I have used breeze litterbox yet.
    But I think Michico won’t choose that….at least from now.
    You look great, by the way.

  5. We hope your Momma finds a smellier poop, Gemini.

  6. Gemini,you look marvelous!!!!!!!!
    maybe you just don’t have to ‘go’ yet!! heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Gemini… you’re looking more gorgeous every day… botox?

    But what is this about poop? Does your human save poop, store poop, keep it on hand in plastic bags or glass jars? How is it that she has a supply of poop to fill an otherwise poop-free litterbox. This is strange and curious story being told…

  8. We don’t know anything about this Breeze litterbox Gemini, but we don’t think we want one. We just have normal litterboxes and normal Tidy Cats clay litter. We hope your Momma can figure out a way to help you like to use it. Sometimes change can be difficult … what does Chey think about it?
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  9. maybe it’s time for your mom to take away your regular litterbox. Mommy is going to get us a 3rd breeze box becuase somecat named BILLY is a litterbox hog.

  10. btw – you look great

  11. :::::sigh:::::

    whadda pixchur…


    Whadda booteefull ladykitty…..


    Miss Gemini
    Do you know what Momma told me this morning? She said I had stinky poops and she started calling me Ping stinky poopers!


  12. We went to Tidy Cats website and watched the video and read all about it. How the heck does the peepee pass through the pellets? Very strange! It did say to be patient and to leave the kitties alone so we can check it out. We don’t think the box would be big enough for us heffers! Good luck!

  13. Boy that Breeze box seems to be a lot of drama for everyone. We have a box in the garage that has el cheapo kitty litter in it (as opposed to the good litter inside) and that is our favorite box to use. So maybe the Breeze is TOO NICE.

  14. I suggest munching on the pellets. That’s about all they’re good for. It is a cool system and we’re considering trying using it for all of our boxes and “forcing” our paw at using them. Chase really does like to pee in it and Kaze will as well but we still are die hard crystal fans. Those pellets are just too hard for my soft paws I think.

  15. Gemini, you don’t look very happy today, but you look very pretty tho. Are you annoyed by that noo litterbox? Is der somethin strange about it?

    Mindy & Moe

  16. Heeheehee!! You look soooo cute when you’re annoyed, Gemini!

  17. We need a new litterbox too! We destroyed the electric littermaid. Maybe we should look into the one you have.

  18. Try going potty in it! It’s great for that.

  19. Well if you want stinkier poop then i will send some of Nubi’s to put in your box!

  20. Maybe it is to “pretty” all clean an new and stuff. We all like da one in da gest room, it’s big, blue, beat up and wunnerful! And once a month when mom empties it completely and scrubs it and puts clean fresh litter in it we all take turns sleeping in it until somecat messes it up by going potty in it…

  21. You even look beautiful when you are irritated, Gemini!

    We just have two boxes with regular litter in them. Our Big Janitor Dad doesn’t like change too much so we won’t be trying those new boxes. He doesn’t much like changing the litter either, hehe!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  22. The photographers just don’t know when to quit, do they?? You sure look irritated, but very pretty!
    That Breeze box is sure causing a lot of controversy around the blogosphere. Seems like more cats don’t like it than those who do.
    pee ess: Tell your mom she really should find something different than poo to play with. She needs to get a hobby.

  23. You look so much like Sadie I am itching to have a KERFUFFEL with you, Gemini!

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