Tabby Tuesday

Well Tuesday night all our food will be taken away because Cheysuli has to fast after midnight. They also want us to remove all water about two hours before she has to be in, which will be hard for Georgia because Georgia likes her water. Of course they could lock Cheysuli up or something. I would like that.

She will have her teeth done on Wednesday. I will like to see how she gets a rule from that.

We had a big old thunderstorm here on July 2. Then on the fourth there were more noises, even though fireworks are not allowed in the city. Momma said that was a good thing because imagine how loud they would be if they were! (um yeah that was sarcastic as there were fireworks within city limits). I do not like loud noises but Cheysuli is never bothered by them and Georgia doesn’t hear well enough to notice.

Anyway Ping and his family are starting to feel better so I am very happy about that. Even though I think Momma got a little too close up on this close up–don’t you think?


  1. We have a giftie for you!

  2. I think that close-up shows off your eyes!

    Sending lots of purrs to Chey – I hope everything goes well.

  3. We are sorry you didn’t like the loud noises. They don’t bother us, but Camie didn’t like them. We are really sorry your food is going to be disappearing soon. We will be purring for Chey on Wednesday.

    Tell her there was a president that had a tumor removed from the roof of his mouth during his term in office without anyone ever finding out until about 15 years after his death when the surgeon finally spoke out. It was Grover Cleveland. He said he was going on a cruise to rest. Chey could use that same excuse????

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  4. I hate loud noises as well, I bet you all feel uncomfy~!!!
    I wish everything will be going well on all of you and Chey~! I will pray for you very hard!

  5. It’s a real shame about the food and water disappearing for a while, Gemini. I hope everything goes well with Cheysuli and they don’t take too many teeth.

  6. I forgot to add that I love your closeup. I don’t think it’s too close at all. I can see your lovely eyes very well and I like that very much.

  7. Gemini, we think that closeup is AMAZING! Just look at that gorgeous face!! We will be purring for Chey that all goes well.

  8. Whicky Wuudler says:

    Good luck with your dental Chey!

  9. oh no Gemini. you have the most beautiful green eyes!

  10. Gemini, I think it is a perfect close-up of you!

    Good luck to Chey tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about her.

  11. We are sad to learn about Chey’s teeth. We hope all goes well and that she will feel much better after its all done.
    Genini….what an awesome picture of you!

  12. That is a great close-up portrait! Such lovely eyes!
    We’re keeping our paws crossed at Purrchance To Dream for Chey’s teeth!

  13. Nooooo that not to close Miss Gemini.It lets me see your booteeefull face in detail!
    what gorgeous whiskers you have
    what glowing green eyes
    what soft downy furrs all over your cute little body

    It makes my head spin

    Your healing boyfriendcat

  14. Meowmy always takes close tabby portraits too. She just likes close ups on tabby eyes.

    Good luck Chey!!!

  15. Hello gemini! You may be interested to see a photo on my blog today – it’s a cat that looks like you!

    Anyway, please tell darling Chey that I have tagged her for a meme


  16. Yay my favorite day to see my sweetest friend Gemini. she looks just lovely! gentle headbutts from me to her.

    Chey good luck tomorrow.

  17. Sending healing purrs to all. We hate the boom booms too.
    Does your mom use Rescue Remedy in your water for those scary days?

  18. I love that close-up of you! We will be purring for the visit to the v-e-t to go well!

  19. Queen Snickers says:

    I think you close up is great! Your eyes really stand out!! poor Chey, we are purring for her and her teefies!!

  20. Gemini, that is such a purretty pickshure of you! And alla us Ballicai are purrin and purrin fur sweet Chey. We hope her toothy wurk does smoothly and well!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  21. Chey dear, I will be purring and purring for you while you undergo your dental procedure. I have faith that things will go very well! I went through a dental procedure recently, too, as you remember, and I feel you will do just fine.

    What a beautiful picture of Gemini! She has such a sweet face. 🙂

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  22. NO! That’s a beeyoutiful close-up!

    Luf, Us

  23. My “brother” Gucci threw a glass beer over the typist laptop earlier this week, so I was limited in visiting friends until she setup another computer while the other is in repair (I knew it was a BAD idea to let him stay with us forever!) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I LOOOVE this photo of you, Gemini — your green eyes with your purrfect tabby pattern face… BEAUTIFUL!!


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