Sunday Guest Star

Well everyone seemed to have a bit of trouble with this until the Hotties, led by Sanjee, did some research on where I was.

They found out I was on the Evergreen Point Bridge, which to me is known as the 520 Bridge going over Lake Washington.

Miss Peach also knew as did Benjamin. Benjamin even knew what direction:

it looks like you’re heading west on the 520 bridge–also known as the evergreen point floating bridge.

Miss Peach, no we weren’t going to visit Bill Gates, I believe his house is behind us.

Daisy Mae Maus was correct. Yes that is the University of Washington across the way (to the right). Traffic on the 520 Bridge is some of the worst! And it got worse the year that one of the floats wasn’t working and they couldn’t use the whole thing.

Many of you thought I was on a Bridge over Troubled Water, but I’m on a Bridge over Lake Washington and it doesn’t get too troubled too often and it certainly wasn’t troubled that day.

Someone said that they couldn’t tell if those were mountains or clouds in the distance. It’s Seattle. It’s both.

Daisy , like several other cats including Gandalf and Grayson, had a very good guess (and it was correct).

I know, I know! I am almost certain that you are on a bridge!

Finally, Hendrix: what’s this Cheyzilla thing?!

Cheyzilla!! I don’t know where you are, but you have GOT to telyport over when my Halloween Village & Christmas Villages are up. Those cars are fun to whap


  1. He he it looks like you’re gonna whap some cars into water from over there…

  2. I didn’t know where you were ~ I think my best guess would have come somewhat close to Daisy’s 🙂

  3. Haha, I really love Daisy’s guess! Congrats to Sanjee & the other correct guessers!

  4. O, well, i’s missed it but jus as well. i’s love Daisy’s guess. Purrfect. And congratulations to the Hotties.
    Love and purrs,

  5. Congratulations to the Hotties. I was way off.

  6. Concats to the Hotties. We were nearly as far away from the right place as we could be.

  7. My beans did not let me use the ‘puter all day yesterday. What a great photo! I would have made the guess that Daisy did.

  8. Hey, we were right, too!!

  9. Hmmmm… we would have never guessed that one!
    Thanks for giving Nubi sick time off with pay. Hoping he will be back to work for you soon, Thanks for all the purrs too.

    He is taking a patent passwan right now which seems to be working… breaking up the stones. (the pet human had to take it a few years ago so she knows it works!) Next week he will start another formula by by Kan who now has a line for animals. You can write the pet human for more info. I know that you both are obsessed with needles and herbs.


  10. The Hotties are smart!!!!!
    Lots of cute observations too!!
    We cats are a funny bunch 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  11. I wooda nefur gotten dat one! I bet them musheens looked reel littel from up thare!

  12. Well we may haf been rite first like wif teknikal stuff, but Daisy’s was rite and funny too!
    We wuz surprise we founded it at all so much we couldn’t fink of nuffin funny to say.

  13. The Hotties are very smart! I need to save up for a book about geography.

  14. I’m just lovin’ all the “Cheyzilla” stuff!

  15. i am not good at dis gessin game chey …
    find a place on long island … maybe den i can figyer it owt!

  16. We had no idea where you were when we visited yesterday, and didn’t even want to try to guess! It would have to be something very obvious for us to guess right … like the Gateway Arch … hee hee! Happy Sunday Chey!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  17. You did look like a Chey-zilla astride that bridge. I bet the fish down there were all in hiding. Enjoy your Sunday!

  18. Yay fur the Hotties! and we enjoyed readin efurrybodies guesses. We Ballicai hope yur havin a great weekend!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  19. Congratulations to the Hotties! And everyone had such cute things to say. 🙂

    Now the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is stuck in Mom’s head!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  20. Well, bridge was a good guess and then came the hard part of where… Maybe I’ll know next week!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  21. Hey Chey – you want to hear something funny? Apart from where mom snorted pizza crumbs at the sight of you on the bridge.

    They were overdone pizza crumbs as they were only supposed to heat up for 10 minutes but mom had to wash her socks and wipe the paint off her feet from where she saw the paint cans on the counter from last December when she didn’t finish painting the kitchen floor.

    So she did – on the spot. Painted herself into a corner while she was at it. This isn’t her typing. She’s still stuck in the corner. This is me, Pye. If I can do this, I can probably take over the world!

  22. P.S. Do you have any big fat black and white cats there who like to steal then gnaw on rock hard pizza crusts? Cause if you don’t I have one here you can borrow. She’s WEIRD!

  23. You are a very well traveled cat!

  24. Wow, those are some smart kitties. Mom never knows where you are!

  25. Ooo … I’m glad to know that I was right! I was payin’ attention when Mom was downloadin’ her photos from her trip in June (she went over that bridge a coupla times) … an’ now she’s goin’ BACK next month … Ugh.

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