Sunday Guest Star

Well I was amazed at the number of cats who knew exactly where I went wrong on my way to Dragonheart’s!

Trixie got it first. Mickey got it right and so did Dazey, Jesse and Connor. Fat Eric was extremely certain where I was.

You’re in Berlin at the bit of Wall which has been preserved! My mum and dad went there last November!

Samantha and Tigger were guessing correctly. Queen Snickers said it looked like the wall when she saw it on television. Eric and Flynn guessed correctly. Jasper guessed I went back in time, but I didn’t. The Wall is still there, at least in this piece. Derby pointed out that my teleporting is off (um you’ve noticed?). Aloysius said I needed a GPS. Black Cat and Mr. Echo were also correct in their guess (though by that time they had much confirmation about where I was!

Dragonheart and Merlin gave us some great information about the Wall. We would also like to thank them for sending us this photo that was so appro for Dragonheart’s birthday Find Chey Friday!

Fat Eric has the first “perfectly correct” answer – it’s a piece of the original Berlin Wall that’s been preserved in situ (in place). There are also portions of it in chunks throughout the city of Berlin (torn down and then moved) but someone realized at some point that it would be important to preserve a bit, in place, for history’s sake. The outer fence is to try to stop “souvenir hunters” who are looking to get a piece of the original Berlin wall.

Gandalf and Grayson even told me how to get to Dragonheart’s from here!

Icon Baxter Bentley was not able to help me, but I think he had the best clue for me to help myself.

umm, I do not think it is Phila, but I bet Grusse and Kathy know where YOU are..

So if no one had guessed, I could have looked up Grusse and Kathy and asked them where I was!


  1. ok … so cheetin duzzen’t cownt!
    i’ll try harder nex week!

  2. You picked a very interesting place to be.

  3. We don’t try to guess where you are anymore; cause there are too many kitties out there who are way smarter than us. (Correction: way smarter than our Human) Besides, our Human says we’re better with pictures than with words.

  4. Chey, you hide too well, we never really know where you are! Actually, that’s the perfect place for a Presidential candidate to be!

  5. Cool beans!!!! It’s nice to know I can guess once in a while!! Now I can enjoy my nap 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Handy to have so many friends who can help you find yourself. Good deal, Chey. ::applauds::
    Oh, and Mini wants to know if there’s any good food near there.
    your bud Pepi

  7. And I missed the whole thing! I will try very hard to make it next week!

  8. That was a very interesting place – I never would’ve guessed it!

  9. I thought it might be in Germany, but forgot about the Berlin Wall still being there.

    We’re pretty dumb at this house.


  10. Dr Tweety says:

    I sure am missin’ your egg-citin’ contests. Dis looked like a greased monkey barrel full of fun. Dang it all. I hopes we gets back to regular vizitin’ soon. Sure miss you.
    Love, Dr Tweety

  11. Wow, everyone is so good at Guessing. Our mom and dad bean have never been to Berlin before but we’ve always wanted to go!

  12. oh haha! I think everyone had a good answer! you sure do get around – but in the good way, Chey!

  13. I didn’t get here in time to guess but didn’t know where you were anyway! It was fun reading all of the other answers though!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

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