Sunday Guest Star

Well most people seemed to think they had it right but I fooled you. Many of you thought I might be in France but I fooled you all as well.

Pepi, however, got it correct! Way to go Pepi!

I came to find you Chey, since you asked. You must be lost again. Isn’t there one of those liberty things near you? Yeah, I’ve heard of it. Darn, where’s my thinking cap? I think I’ve lost it. Oh there it is! That park with a beach. Alki Beach. Yeah, that’s it. Makes me think of Alki-holics. Did France give yall that Liberty statue too? Or did you get it at a thrift store? Well, it’s purrtier with your face on it, anyways.
your bud Pepi

You know I did not meet any Alki-holics there. But it was a lovely beach on the west side of Seattle. They have their own little Statue of Liberty there too. I didn’t have to go far this weekend, but what with gas prices can anyone blame me?

The Taylor Cats also got the correct answer! Good for them! I have to admit that I never discussed any excursions out to the sandbox that is Alki with them either!

This week was a hard one–but I’ve had some easier ones so you’ll have to forgive me for being sneaky! It seemed such an appropriate post for the fourth though!


  1. Congratulations to Pepi. It was a perfect spot for the Fourth of July.

  2. ConCATulashuns to Pepi! I hope you are all havin a great weekend.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  3. Way ta go, Pepi. It was a furry fun contest, Chey.

  4. That Pepi sure is a smart one! I have learned something today!

  5. Pepi is smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mom needs to read carefully if she wants to help me 🙂
    Buteven then,we wouldn’t have guessed!! Heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Well, darn….we got it right….but Pepi beat us to it! We didn’t even notice in the comments that Pepi already said Alki Beach before us. Mommy is a beach-a-holic! That’s how she knew.

  7. hello darling! I have given you a well deserved award today. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. x

  8. I did not know there was a little statue of liberty there, too!

  9. That Pepi is a furry smart poodin!

  10. Wow Pepi iz smart ~ we were finking too that the statue in New York had a different golden torch top to signify the burning flame ~ also there are often clouds in the backdrop when we see the statue…our human is learning the photoshop and we might start posting some cool photos of ours too soooooon…
    Many purrs and well wishes to you and Gemini from all of us at the SnowForest family 🙂

  11. Pepi is a very handsome and intelligent panther.

    Of course, house panthers are known for their cunning ideas and exquisite good looks. Pepi, thank you for representing our clan so well.

  12. We are great big dummies again. :sigh:

  13. Good going, Pepi and the Taylor Catsss!

  14. Kudos to Pepi. Intelligence is wonderful in someone so beautiful.

  15. Yay Pepi…we missed out cuz of all da beans dat were at our house dis weekend! It’s okay tho cuz we would not haf known where yoo were anyway. GM should take some advice and make yoor nipohol car…in fact mom sez dey shoulda pulled der heads outta der butts a long time ago and stopped making gas guzzlers afore dey gots into all dis trouble.

  16. Aw shucks. Fanks Chey and everycat. I’m glad you’re not lost any more Chey.
    your bud Pepi

  17. Yay for Pepi!
    Great post.

  18. We are impressed with Pepi!

    Mindy & Moe

  19. Wahoo, Pepi! That was so way awesome!

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