Miffed Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Candidate Cheysuli is miffed at recent reports that pet owners prefer John McCain. What was not readily divulged in the poll response was the fact that pet owners were defined as dog owners.

“While I am disheartened that dog owners are not flocking to my campaign, I am more upset that cat owners slaves were not represented,” stated the candidate.

“4 out of 5 cat owners prefer Cheysuli,” stated one pollster.

It is common knowledge that the fifth cat owner has their own cat running for office.

“Cats are bit divided with the numbers of running cats. I think felines in general are fed up with the way humans are running things and know they can do a better job. Cats, being more solitary creatures seem to have the uphill battle of banding together,” stated one pundit on an unread blog.


  1. Rosie and Cheeto says:

    Furst off they shuld have kleerlie defined “pet ownurs” cause stupid peepul mite get confused and think cats are “owned”. Glad yoo klarified, chey.
    sekond, hello peepul…if yoo don’t start getting yer votes in the rite place we will start peeing on couches and beds! Owr bad habits are in yer hands!!!
    lastlie, well, the only thing left to say is owr lady is voting for yoo and we are too!! Chey in 08–yeeehaw!

  2. Just another case of canine-centrism! Disgusting!

  3. Some humans are fed up with the way humans are running things, too!

  4. I agree.

  5. Dogs are wonderful creatures, but they aren’t the only pets! They should definitely have polled cat owners, rabbit owners, and horse owners too!

  6. I agree, too!

  7. Is there a dog running for President, Chey? How are you after your dental appointment? Are you feeling better yet?

  8. McCain’s campaign is going to the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VOTE for Chey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  9. schmaybe yoo kuld get a woofer fur a runnin mate. we know woofers do lyk ta run.

  10. Is it not we who own the pet humans?! No wonder there has been some confusion here… 😉

  11. We definitely prefer you, Chey! As the saying goes, Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  12. Hi Chey! How are you feeling! How are your teefies? We feel the same as Sabrina and Sam! Woofies are fine….but Cats are the best!!!

  13. I think you’re right, Chey. That they were talking about the dog owners, while we all know that cat owners are far superior.

  14. well dogs are “pets” cats are…….well……..little people with furry pants.

  15. WE know lots of dogs and none of them would vote for McCain!
    They must be confusing dogs with snakes.

  16. You know you have our support no matter what!

  17. Cats rule, dogs drool.

    Luf, Us

  18. what is it with these dog peoples? Don’t they realize that there are many MANY MANY other animals? I don’t get it….

    Hello Miss Gemini….I wish your Mom had been able to get that picture of you!

  19. I am pretty sure that hamsters and bunnies are for Chey, too.

  20. I hear ya Chey! And whats up with that America’s Top Dog teevee show? When is America’s Top Cat going to be on? I know when. NEVER! Sheesh.

  21. That is a gorgeous picture of you, Chey.

  22. Oh, well, guess we aren’t welcome here.

    Buddy, Samaritan and Merci
    Jan’s Funny Farm

  23. we’re always going to vote for you, chey! you deserve to be in the white house…fangs or not.


    btw, mom is a psychotherapist

  24. The FIVE out of FIVE of us prefer Chey over either of those human bean candidates!

    Daphne, Chloe, Spooker, Little Isis, and Jazper

    ps: Not The Mama would rather vote for Chey than McCain, too!
    Maybe dogs think it’s McCanine… you think?

  25. Thanks for your sympathy for my teefs, I is sorry you hased to loose five more teefs. I hopes you feel better though.

    kitty hugs

  26. Really, some cats drool too, especially when we’ve just had our teeth done… Sigh.

    And no one said that dogs were voting for McCain–only that more owners were. However, I think that Daphne, Chloe, Spooker, Isis and Jazper could be on to something–perhaps the press is mis representing him as McCanine.

  27. We’d vote furr you Chey, but we don’t know if we can cuz we are English. Maybe you could fix it so we could have a visitor’s vote or sumfing like that.

  28. Chey, I would band together with a whole HERD of cats, if necessary, to see you sworn into office! We need a cat to rescue us from the serious decline our cat-ountry is going into! We need someone to champion safe food! Birth control for cats! All Shelters to be No-Kill! No More Kitten-Mills! And other such progressive measures!

    A Vote For Chey Is A Vote for Cat-America!

  29. I don’t know how they got it confused! Cat owners rule!

  30. My humans are voting for McCain too!
    Well… we’ll see… maybe I can sneak into the booth and vote for YOU Chey!

    This is a really lovely photo of you!

  31. We agree, too! Cats think about what needs to be done to make things better!
    Your FL furiends,

  32. Chey you better check out Skittles blog. She is getting news coverage!

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