Meezer Rule Wednesday

Well here I am in another old photo (hello Woman!). I was quite enjoying the sun that day. I have decided that my Meezer rule for today is to go over to Simply Siamese, where we are featuring Dino, who left us last week, and his last meezer rule.


  1. I can see you are very comfy, Chey~!
    Nice sunbath work!

  2. Excellent rule, Chey. You look lovely in the sun there. 😀

  3. Oh we MADE mom take new photos of us this afternoon. She had to take 200 to get 2 decent ones.

    And do you want to hear something funny? She went and got Giancarlo’s white quilt cover off his bed to drape over the pool table, and half way through, Giancarlo came home and she had to RUN and put it back on his bed. He would not have been impressed with her. *snigger*

  4. Hey, Chey, that’s a pretty good Full Monty!

  5. great pikshur!!!

  6. Mom gets lazy about pics too sometimes. The pics look new,but it’s just a different angle 😮
    I hope you have a sunbeam today 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Just can’t beat a good sunny spot…

  8. :kerplunk:

  9. Grate rool Chey!

    Helllooooooo Miss Gemini
    Your boyfriendcat

  10. Queen Snickers says:

    Great photo!!

  11. That is a great picture of you in the sunshine, even if it is an older picture! I think that I will follow your rule today and go check out Simply Siamese!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  12. Oh Chey you look startlingly beautiful as always! Oh i do miss blogging with regularity – the human has been so busy I have had little choice but to throw temper tantrums! Do you know she is actually practicing for a kung fu exam as well as doing endless hours of yoga. You wouldn’t know it – she’s still fat!

    I miss you Chey and I will endeavour to blog more shortly x

  13. You are reclining beautifully Chey.

  14. Sometimes mom likes to look at old pikshers of us and compare them to now…but then, she is weerd.

  15. That is a good way to honor Dino.

  16. That’s a nice post over at Dino’s. Thanks for pointing us to it.

  17. Chey, YOu are sooo so pretty.
    This old photo is a very good way to honor your old friend Dino!

  18. Chey, that’s a purreshus pickshure of you! And thankies fur tellin us about Dino and his last Meezer Wednesday postie.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!


  20. Yeah, I don’t think my blog has a single new pitchur of me all week! But next week will be diffrint.

    Purrs to you guys!

  21. Chey, since you’re a candidate for office, you might want to be a little more careful about what position you are in when you are photographed. The other side will do anything to destroy you, you know. By the way, to recover from the rigors of the campaign trail, you might enjoy listening to my new iMix, called “Quasi’s Cool Cat iMix.” The list of songs is on my blog at if you don’t have iTunes.

  22. That is the most wonderful rule!
    Mrs. OZ
    Don’t miss my post tomorrow!

  23. Thank you for your kind words this past week. They have meant alot to me.

    Mommy Bean Laure

  24. What a beeyootiful photo of a beeyootiful kitty!

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