Meezer Rule Wednesday

Meezer Rule: When your human gets you something that she thinks you should use, do not use it. If she gets something that has nothing to do with you, then ADORE it.

Allow me to update you on the Breeze Litter box System. So far I am winning the standoff. The Woman thinks that perhaps the pellets are a little heavy or don’t feel right under my feet. She has also considered that the litter box is far too clean. In either case, none of us have used it.

However, about two months ago when we got rid of our automatic litterbox system and a new litter box was introduced into a new room, we began using that within a day.

It’s like this: The Woman LIKES the litter box. She WANTS us to use it. Ergo: forget it.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s bound to make a cat suspicious when beans hope you like something – anything!

    Cute picture of you, Chey!

  2. thank u fer sharin yer werdz uv wizdom wid us chey.

  3. This is an excellent rule!
    Usually when Michico buy something wanna use on me.
    I often leave it!

  4. Stand yur ground Chey! We need a candidate that wont cave in to silly human whims.

  5. he he you can never predict what us kitties are gonna do with something new in the housie..some of our human’s best laid plans to amuse us have been foiled by us ignoring them..

  6. Snow and Forest’s human here: Thanks alot for your kind words following the loss of our Forest ~ we really appreciate your support and would like to thank and send many well wishes to Chey and Gemini..

  7. always keep ’em guessing.

  8. Of course, you have figured it all out, you know how to play “the game”… the wisdom of the Siamese prevails.

  9. Ahh…Chey…you are so smart!

  10. we just must not be that smart about the litterboxes. We has to go and we only has one choice – the Breeze litterboxes. So ‘parently, our mommy outsmarted us for once. ::hanging heads in shame::

  11. Chey, you are going to be the one to pick the time to use the noo litterbox – or not. That’s what we would do too, after all us cats has to have the final word.

    Mindy & Moe

  12. I hope yoo all have a secondary box to use…we wood hate to fink yoo wuz havin to hold off on usin da litterbox cuz yoo didn’t like it….

    Hellooooo Miss Gemini…


  13. Yup!! Ditto. Don’t try to force my paw those pellets are WEIRD!!!!!

  14. Such profound wisdom, Chey. Thank you for articulating that for all us kitties.

  15. That is some good advice. We heard our Mom also wants us to try this Breeze Box, because we get our litter all over the floor. But now we know what to do if she tries it. Ha, ha.

  16. I think that should be a Midnight rule too.

  17. Ha! You are absolutely correct, Chey. But I wish I had your will power. I don’t! Oh well.
    Of course you can borrow a photo of Lucky & me looking “hot”! It was hot that day. And humid. Mom had the a/c on. Wonderful mom that she is.

  18. You are so wise, Chey.

  19. Never, never ever, do what dem crazy hoomans want you to do…dat is da kitty code.

  20. Furry good Meezer rool, Chey. Like Zippy n Sadie n Speedy said, follow da code!

  21. We wonder why she does not get this? Do you maybe have a human who is a but on the slow side??? We always thought humans understand this rule…..

  22. keep up the great work, Chey – you never know, you might just tip her over the edge one of these days! Here’s hoping! x

  23. Exactly!!! Isn’t that normal cat behaviour?
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Totally fabulous rule. Next time DKM changes my hay – I’m going to do the same!

  25. That’s a good rule Chey. Some time ago mum tried us with a different litter. It wuz wood pellets which smelled too strong of trees, so we refused to use it. We were going around with our legs crossed until she gave in and gave us back our usual litter.

  26. Right on! How dare they mess with a good thing.

  27. Yep, that is a ggod rule….and I think lots of cats live by it!

    The book was quite interesting….some violence, some of that sex stuff. Full of vampires, werewolves and a necromancer. I am not to sure about this stuff that Meowm reads.


  28. I’m with you there, Cheysuli! My mom bought me a heated cat bed back in the winter when we had the really colds….never stepped foot in it!

  29. You should call for an official strike!

  30. Heh heh. Loverly. Maw considered trying the Breeze stuff, but we’re too particular, and we have 11 litter boxes anyway. So screw it. Right?

    Luf, Us

  31. What a cute kitty!

  32. Hi Chey – Twizzler the Meezer here … thank you so much for putting into words what people just can’t seem to grasp! You are very eloquent – quite important in a political leader.

  33. My mommy is thinking of trying the Breeze litter box too, maybe I won’t like it either, but I usually will try just about anything.


  34. thats a gud rule ta go by.

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