Meezer Rule Wednesday

I have two rules today.

1. Take more updated photos of my woman! Can’t you see that I still have my fangs here? These are over a week old!!!

2. Be nice to other species. A few dogs come by my blog and they did not feel welcome from the comments on Monday’s post. I realize that when you are linked to John McCain, it makes life difficult but we need to stop specism in it’s tracks. Humans are the ones who promote specism and the idea that dogs are better than cats. As cats, we know that we let all inferior species live as they like, even that lowest of the low species, humanity.

As for our canine friends, we need to remember to be nice. After all there are lot of higher order species who can help us with our Total World Domination and dogs are amongst those species, as are buns, rats, horses and goats.


  1. You are so right, Chey, meezers especially should not stoop to specism.


  2. Those are both good rules, Chey. There are many nice woofies out there, and wonderful buns, rats, horses and goats.

  3. Well…
    you got right point, Chey~

  4. Very good rules! How is your mouth doing?

  5. great rules Chey!

  6. down wid specism!
    yes to updated pikshurz!

  7. The BF wants our household to be a multi-species household. He wants to bring a dog into Pooh Bear’s world. We’ll see how THAT goes. 🙂 But all are welcome.

  8. We agree with your rules, as do The Boyz.

  9. Hiya Chey – I agree – so long as people remember that Meezers are best.’s your teefs?

  10. Chey, I gived you a award! Come an’ see!

  11. Good rools Chey!

    Hellloooo Miss Gemini
    I am back to my normal self…it feels so good!
    Your boyfriendcat

  12. Thank you for tinking of puppies! My sisters said I should start learning about polo ticks, and your blog is a good place to learn. … Am I not protected against polo ticks with my Advantics?

  13. Awww Chey…we understood you weren’t being mean to woofies! I think all of us cat bloggers like woofies!

  14. I love doggies, too! I hope none felt sad the other day.

  15. Chey we know you weren’t being mean to woofies as you recognize the importance of all animals in Total World Domination. You’re a great leader!!

  16. Great rules! You will be a great leader!

  17. Good rules Chey!! So,ya scared off a few doggies?!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  18. I love this photo of you even though it is olde.

    There are a few dogs I like… as long as they stay outside of my house!

  19. As always, excellent advice Chey!

  20. Nice try, Chey. But not all are listening.

    It took us a long time to start leaving comments on cat blogging sites even though we include twice as many cats as dogs here. Some kitties like dogs but some will always be prejudiced against us. It makes us sad since we like kitties. But it’s their loss.

    Buddy, Samaritan & Merci

  21. Those are good rules Chey. We don’t know many woofies, but we like the ones we do know.

  22. What about your fangs? Did you lose them? did we miss something??? Yes, we promote tolerance too – but there are some individuals within the human race where that is VERY VERY hard to do… and some of those hold the highest positions, or try to get them…

  23. I *knew* humans were bottom of the ladder! Does that mean we get some special privileges – like extra purrs??? Hope your fang spots aren’t too painful.

  24. You are furry prepared for any tough questions that come your way on the campaign trail. The ability to get that indepth and philoshifcl fillohspp fphilloossspff, yoo know what we mean, is a definite plus in our books. Mom needs to open a bottle of wine to really get into specism.

  25. Great rules. Specism is not good.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my doodle:) xxx

  26. Chey, I did a poll yesterday among all the pets that live in our house (9 cats and 2 dogs) and ALL voted for you!!! Now we only need to found a way to let our votes count…

    YES, the woman has to take new photos of you ASAP!!

  27. As usual, Chey, you are quite right. Updated photos are always appreciated (‘cept when the flashy box is used) … an’ other species, like those sometimes pesky woofies, need a little slack.

    I agree with Ruis, too … All five of us (an’ the fish if they can get “naturalized” before the election deadline) will be voting for YOU!


  28. Those are some excellent rules, Chey!

  29. Oh, we like dem woofies. Speshully da blogging ones, dey is all so nice. We sit in our window and greet all da woofies dat walk by our house too. We is saddened when some of dem don’t act very nice tho.

  30. Hear, hear!

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