Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Southpaw Candidate Cheysuli was honored to toss out the first pitch in the Mariners game against the Indians on Saturday. Sadly, Cheysuli had some of the best pitching seen in the game by her hometown Mariners and the visiting Cleveland Indians won 9 to 6.

An unnamed source said the Mariners were scouting her in case she looses the election. She has some rare talent that they would like to tap.

In other news, the Candidate is experimenting with a new litter box. On Friday, Tidy Cat delivered the Breeze Litter Box system to her home. While most people get a lovely pale green color, Cheysuli had hers done in red white and blue, with her Winds of Cheynge logo on the side.

Unfortunately, Cheynge is not happening at their house and the litter box sits unused, although everyone has sniffed at it. Next up will be trading places with the Tidy Cat and the current litter box.


  1. deer chey,
    it iz importunt to havva backup plan … jus in case. u know … john mccain, hizself, wuz at da yankee game. i think he iz yoozin baseball signin azza backup plan, too.
    u hav grate form … an u wood make a grate pitcher.
    i’m jus sayin dis.
    we all know … u will make a fabyoolus prezident.
    yerz troolee–jh

  2. You need to keep your options open…in both cases…

  3. You have a great back-up plan there, Cheysuli. Good luck with the litterbox switch. I hope it doesn’t turn into a war like it did over at Max the Psychokitty’s house.

  4. Wow, Chey! You’re a superduper pitcher! I kan’t wait ’til you are prezziedent. This wurld needs kitty leadurship!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. We had no idea you could pitch, Chey! It pays to stay in shape!

  6. Chey…..we are IMPRESSED!!! We had no idea that you had such a great pitching arm!!!

  7. Great job with the pitch!

    tell the candidates manager that if she wants to swap out the boxes to put a piece of poo in the breeze box. for some reason that werks pretty well. Our mom just swapped them out too and we did not complain at all

  8. Hmmm we need to check out these Breeze boxes…….

    Great pitching!

  9. Wow Chey I knew you were talented but I didn’t realize you could throw a baseball like that……

    Helllllloooooo Miss Gemini
    Your boyfriendcat

  10. Hahahahaha – we are not into sports but we believe it right away that you would be most talented!
    I never heard of a red white and blue litterbox, HAHAHAHAHAHA, good one!

  11. Wow, and Isis is a brilliant outfielder we could start a kitty ball team if only she’d let go of the ball once she caught it! 😉

  12. It’s an excellent idea to have a back-up plan! I’m glad that you got the special litterbox with your Winds of Cheynge logo. You are a special cat and should have a special litterbox!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  13. Maybe the Winds of Cheynge don’t like the smell of the new box..

  14. I knew that was you! Great back up plan. Many Americans believe that sports players are more important than the President, so even if you lose (which I doubt) you win!

  15. Chey, you have excellent pitching form!

  16. be sure to negotiate a high salary athletic contract – just in case you do not win the election (however unlikely that may be)

  17. Wow! You look like a pro, Chey!

  18. Chey, I think you have a great form!
    I hope your new kitty litter box will be kind of fun!

  19. Over the weekend I was pretty sure I won the Breeze Battle of ’08 when the regular box came back. Meowmy talked to the Breeze people and they’re going to send us a second one to try so we will be forced to use them or none at all. Risky for Meowmy if you ask me…..

  20. I bet being a baseball player would be lots more fun than being the President.

  21. WOWY – whut an honor . . . and such fine meezer form!

  22. The only change I plan to make in my litter bocks is a change in whoo kleens it. My Grammy is coming to stay with us again soon and the bocks has nefur bin kleener than when she wuz heer last time.

  23. Queen Snickers says:

    Wow you know how to pitch? Momma want to know if you come over play fetch with the woffie?

  24. Hahahahaha! I wish here we can playz baseball, ‘cuz we didn’t do 🙁

  25. Ah, so yer the latest tester of The Breeze System. So far as we can tell, no kitty has liked it yet. But it is OK if you do. Mostly, it is difficult to scrape it around so we know we cant bury any poop.

    But best of luck. A forward leader should be willing to try new things.

  26. Mmmmmmmmmmmm,nice looking pitcher!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  27. At least you would be good throwing out the first pitch once you are president.

  28. a new Tidy Cat litterbox. Sweet!

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