Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Concerns that Candidate Cheysuli may not be in good enough health to be president have surfaced this week. The Candidate goes in later this week for a much publicized dental cleaning that may result in the loss of most of her teeth. Certainly her signature fangs are likely to be missing after this.

Critics have suggested that this is just another reason that Cheysuli will be soft on security of the US. If she has no teeth, how can she take a bite out of terrorists.

“I doubt that the president, personally, has to bite the terrorists,” stated one unnamed Pooses for Peace Member. “After all, human teeth aren’t really suited for biting and yet they have been running things. It may be that Cheysuli could authorize a select group of cats for doing her biting for her. I can’t imagine who they would be.”

Cheysuli’s ties to Sammy the Whapinator are well known. Our reporter attempted to get his view on this controversy but was whapped before getting a quote.


  1. Oh Chey, I really hope they don’t take, well, ANY of your teeth! And ‘specially not your fangs!!!

    This teeth business is really a drag, isn’t it? :-/

  2. These reports haff forgottin to menshun yoo still haff CLAWS! Besides a president needs peeple to do the reely dirty stuff. I’m yur mancat in Texas!

  3. I’m so sorry you have to go see the dentist! I hope you don’t loose your lovely fangs!

  4. OH NO! This hopefully is just a bad media rumor? We sure hope you will not lose any of your teeth – especially not those very cute fangs….

  5. Oah No~!!
    That is terrible~!!!
    Please don’t take your teeth away!!

  6. Chew those biscuits to keep those fangs sparkling clean and sharp! Good luck at the dentist…

  7. Oh Chey, I love your teeth. I think they are pretty!

  8. oh Chey, i hopes that you doesn’t haf to lose your teefs this week.

    as for Sammy, well, he doesn’t do innerviews. or controversy.

  9. Oh, Chey, we hopes there is a way to save your teeth especially your fangs. We’re sending lots of purrs and headbutts your way.

    Mindy & Moe

  10. Oh Chey, we are sorry to hear that your are having teefie problems. Seaborne has had those in the past.


  11. Chey, I sure hope you don’t have to any of your toothies taken out, especially your wonderful fangs! However, I had to have some taken out, and although it was not at all a happy time, I did recuperate just fine. I will be purring and purraying for you …
    Purrs and headbutts,

  12. Oh Chey, I hope the dentist will not have to remove your fangs. If it comes to that, I am sure you are still quiet powerful without them with a grand Pooses for Peace behind you!!
    We will be keeping you in our purayers and sending good thoughts your way.

    ~ KittyBoy

  13. Chey, we hope that all goes well at the vet! We will be purring for you.

  14. Hope your dental visit goes OK. We’ll send some purrs your way…

  15. Chey you will still be the most beautiful cat in the world!! Plus, when I’m older I’m sure I may have the same fate.

  16. We are sorry about your toothies. We are hoping you don’t lose too many of them. Purrs.

  17. Like beans don’t go to the dentist. Sheesh. Why would they worry about you going to the dentist. Sorry about the having to have teeths pulled, though. Work it for all it’s worth though, eh?
    And of course we’ll purr for you.
    your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties

  18. I have no doubt that a group of trained cats could perform sanctions on Chey’s behalf, should that be necessary. After all, it’s unseemly for the President to soil her paws on criminals, despots, dictators and all around mean people!

    Chey and Gemini, would you run back over to my blog, when you have time, and see what SAM I AM of the Taylor CatSSSSS did? Thanks!

  19. Since most of the past human presidents had false teeth, we don’t really “get” the whole Cheysuli-fangs-controversy-thing. And ohbytheway, show us just one past president with those fabulous CLAWRS of Death!!

    We are sorry your teeths are causing you problems personally, Chey. We hope it does not come to you losing your wonderful fangs!

  20. I have my paws crossed that all goes well for you at the dentist, Chey!

  21. Our Bite & Run Brigade is on stand by!
    Sending healing purrs for you and your teeth!

  22. Oh Chey, I cannot picture you without those fancy fangs!

  23. Oh, we are crossing our paws and thinkin’ our best kitty thoughts for a good vet visit. Hope ya get to keep the fangs Chey, but we’ll always luv ya with or without ’em!

  24. Oh Chey, we will vote for you as President with or without teeth! Hope all goes well at your appointment! You asked about the semi remodeling. Mom and Dad put in a slightly used fridge, stove and dishwasher! (Sonbean gave them his semi new when they remodeled their house.) The next step (Major work) cabinets!
    Your FL furiends,

  25. You’ve got our vote too, Chey. Make sure you get the best medical and dental care you can get, the same as our currently elected officials.

  26. Oh no! We will be purring and purraying that you get to keep most, if not all, of your teeth!

  27. Oh, I hopes you get to keep your fangs!

  28. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! Not the fangs!!!!! 🙁
    That is terrible! I purr that things will not be so drastic!
    AS for taking a bite out of terrorists, the current
    administration has had 8 years to “take a bite” yet remain
    biteless!!!They also remain any “…less” you care to use 😉
    (ie: gutLESS,useLESS etc)

  29. Oh, Chey, what a terrible thing to happen to a Presidential candidate. Bad press over oral health issues.

    We certainly hope this isn’t getting you down. Stay strong and don’t let this discourage you. We all love you, with or without your fangs.

  30. Oh no. Da teef stealers are going to take yur prize pointed biters? Da bottoms at least look nice and white and shiny! Good luck and we’s praying dat dey will leave dem so you can take da bite owt of any impawtant stuff to come yur way when yoo become el prezzaden-tay.

  31. Hafing sabrecat teef, I volunteer to bite annyone needed on yer behaf!


  32. Oh man I hope you get to keep your teeth! But if you don’t, you’d still be the best President. You can still fart, right? I’m pretty sure Presidential Poots are pretty lethal in the war on terrorism.

  33. Oh no Chey, we hope they don’t take your teeth!!

  34. I have no doubt that a group of trained cats could perform sanctions on Chey’s behalf, should that be necessary. After all, it’s unseemly for the President to soil her paws on criminals, despots, dictators and all around mean people!

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