Find Chey Friday

Go Go go!!!!!

Go Go go!!!!!

Well I’ve been busy trying to teleport to the Iraqi/Pakistani border to see what’s going on but for the life of me I just can’t find it!

So I’ve decided to take a break. Do you know where I am? Try not to cheat and enlarge the photo. The Woman was lazy and didn’t fuzz out a couple of things!

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  1. You must be in the Seattle Seahawks Stadium near the 1st base line.

  2. Hahaha! I don’t think you ever will find the Pakistani/Iraqi border, Chey. All I can tell is that you are in a baseball stadium.

  3. The only thing I know is that you look pretty there 😉
    And….what is baseball?

  4. I’m lost … Can you go back to Egypt again? 😉

  5. You’re at a Seattle Mariner’s game and Ichiro is pitching!

    P.S. The heck we won’t enlarge it, we need every possible advantage because we’re usually clueless about your whereabouts!

  6. Ichiro is hitting. Clearly… We got swept away in the excitement of finally recognizing something. Ichiro is NOT pitching.

    We’re still big dumb-dumbs.

  7. I would say you are at a baseball game in America.

    That was a guess but I imagine a pretty accurate one? xxx

  8. yep. baseball. baseball is berry berry boring to me. i mean really, waking up from your nap to hit a little round thing with a wooden thing, and then standing around in the grass waiting for little round things to fall out of the sky. why? you could use that time more productively taking a nice 4 hour nap. – Miles

  9. Shoot, we couldn’t find yoo in the pikshur much less where the pikshur wuz wifout enlargin it. We agrees wif Miles tho. Baseball is berry berry boring to us.
    Glad yoo liked the sign that Richmond putted up for us tho 🙂
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  10. Doots everyone got it already.

  11. Gandalf and Grayson are absolutely right!

    Um Skeeter–you guys are obviously not sports fans… I’m watching baseball, not the Hawks…

  12. Mariners game!! We don’t watch baseball but we figure its your local team so that’s where you would go.

  13. You should have gone to Tiger Stadium to see the Motor City Kitties play!

  14. Wow is that the Seattle Stadium?
    You are a good cat to travel there!

    I hope you are having a fun friday!
    Today is my birthday, please come by for a visit!

  15. But they all look so little. Is it a Little League game?

  16. You sure do look like you’re expecting to catch a ball. Good luck!

  17. OOPS we thought you was in China goin to the O-limp-pics or something…but den again we fink it might be da ol american past time of baseball…where is JH when ya needs him?

    Hello Miss Gemini
    I hopes yoo have a booteefull weekend…

    Your boyfriendcat

  18. I’m with Yao-Lin. Plus, baseball is a bit more interesting than football (not a lot, lol!) 🙂 xxx

  19. base ball. I see you Chey, watch your head!

  20. We don’t know anything about baseball,but mum thought she saw this nearly identical photo in yesterday’s paper. She had to go out in the garage to find it.It’s Ichiro like everyone said, but he also scored his 3000th hit in that game.

  21. pee-ess
    It took us a while to find you. you are looking very relaxed.

  22. We found you! We don’t know much about baseball though!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  23. I know,I know I’m late as usual!
    Just wanted to say I know this one because my Sweetie Miss Peach’s boy Cole went to a game with the Mariners!!
    Probably was not the same game though 🙂 Just that you both live in the same state 😉
    Ok ,ignore this post :/
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Well I finally found you in the picture, looks like you are sleeping through another boring baseball game. Soon the feetsball guys will be playing. That is more fun to watch.

  25. Ummm, in the bull pen?

  26. You are at a baseball game in Atlanta! Go Braves! Or not! We know as much about baseball and a gnat does! Have a fun weekend!
    Your FL furiends,

  27. Geez, Chey, finally one I could get and I don’t make it here until Saturday morning… have to admit that I couldn’t see you until after enlarging the photo. But seeing a lefty hitter with #51 narrowed it down real fast to Big Insurance Company Field in Seattle.

  28. Hhhmmm. We tink u at a baseball game.

    Luf, Us

  29. Lots of cats got the answer before I could even visit you! Have you ever tried racquetball, though? Lots more fun that baseball.

  30. Hi Chey! Thanks for visiting with us when Momma was too busy to post or visit … we appreciate it! We had no idea where you were, but you look really into the game there … where you trying to start up the wave? If you were you did a great job! Paws raised to do the wave! Hee hee!
    Have a happy Saturday!

  31. At a really fun baseball game? dad likes to watch baseball all the time. Mom says no she wants something more relaxing. So he watches that in one room, and me and mom watch something girly in the other (and play a lot too!)

  32. ah … baseball … da nashunal passtime!
    dere u ar chey … puttin yer pawz togedder fer da grate ichiro suzuki az he meetz da cleveland indianz. wuz it sumtime in july?
    i know … i’m late on dis.
    i cheeted anyway … i hadta biggify.
    oh well.

  33. You is in a baseball stadium… ON THE MOON!

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