Find Chey Friday

So I was out and about and look at these great cat toys?! My goodness they’re fun. I seem, however, to have gotten myself all turned around again. I know I’m somewhere on some famous road. Does anyone know where?

Yes, even I admit that this could be a hard one.

Complete Rules are at my first Find Chey Friday.



  1. Mom says it reminds her of a bridge she drove across in Kentucky, but she doesn’t really think that’s where you are.

    You look like you’re getting ready to whap a car!

  2. It looks to me like you might be on the beginning of the long causeway across Lake Ponchatrain in Louisiana.

  3. Hmm…we think that you ar on that big road that stretches across the water connecting the Florida Keys to the mainland. We don’t know what its called but that’s what we are thinkin.
    -Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

  4. Chey, we have absolutely no idea where you are, but either you have grown to giant-Meezer size, or the highway has shrunk!

  5. P.S. Thanks for the info on acupuncture. Our mom has wanted to try it, but has never been able to get a referral for it, to have it covered by medical insurance. But maybe she’ll go ahead and try it anyhow when we are back in Canada.

  6. Hmm we don’t know. We’re trying to decide if that is more water behind the land, or if it is the different colour of the clouds.If it is water we think it might be between the Florida Keys but we haven’t really got a clue.

  7. Hey! We know – it’s a bridge!!! OK. No, we don’t know. Our hearts sunk when we read that even you agree this one’s a hard one.

  8. u sed it wuz a famus rode … so i say it’z root 66…
    izzen’t dat a famus rode?
    jus wunderin.

  9. hmmm…you have all of us baffled……..
    ps.. nubi did not get injured on the job or from ham gorging… he is going to the v-e-t-s today….would rather not say why until we know for sure.

    hoping for 2 miracles today.

  10. We have no idea on earth where you are, even if you are on earth, but wherever you are, you better get outta there right now, cause someone has surely notified the SWAT team to get you off the bridge!

  11. We don’t have any idea where you are….but you look like you are having fun playing with those toy cars!

  12. Are you on a Bridge over troubled water?? If so I think I’ll join you.

  13. We do not see you on green eggs and ham.
    We do not see you with Sam I am.
    We do not see you in a box.
    We do not see you wearing sox.
    We think you must be lost.

  14. We can’t decide if there are mountains in the background or clouds. Not sure that would help us know where you are, tho.

    ~ KittyBoy

  15. I think it is the road that leads to catnip!

  16. We finks yoo is somewhere in the great northwest but we has nefur seed it a’fore so we is not sure…we fink yoo is havin a grate time playin wif dem bean motor toys….

    hellooooo Miss Gemini
    yur boyfriendcat

  17. We have no clue where you are, but we do like that you have all those nice little car toys to play with … okay gotta take a guess here, ummmm, is it the NY State Thruway? (man, we are really bad guessers!)

  18. I know, I know! I am almost certain that you are on a bridge!

  19. Cheyzilla!! I don’t know where you are, but you have GOT to telyport over when my Halloween Village & Christmas Villages are up. Those cars are fun to whap

  20. Is that the “Bridge over troubled waters”?

  21. AHHHHHHH GIANT CHEY!!!!! You should have your political competition in your paws and throw them off of that bridge. we knows it’s not the Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River. Or the George Washington Bridge because that does not look like NYC behind you. So we give up.

  22. We did some researchin. Evergreen Point Bridge on route 520, we finks. Maybe dat’s it?

  23. Um on one of the trusses of it, to bee reel specifik.

  24. Miss Peach says:

    Is it the bridge over Lake Washington? Are you going to Bill Gates house?

  25. Sanjee, you might know more than I do. All I know is that I’m on 520 over Lake Washington. And according WSDOT you are correct!

    Yes Miss Peach but I’m coming FROM Bill’s house! ;).

  26. Woo hoo!

  27. A famous road you say???
    But I am not allowed on the road!!
    I would like to play with those toys though 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  28. Well I see the Hotties got it right. I was going to guess a bridge across the Columbia River.

  29. Oh, da Hotties already got it.

  30. Chey, We know where you are. We can tell by your size in the photo that the bridge is tiny. So this bridge must be the entrance to Lilliput (from Gulliver’s Travels) where the inhabitants are only 15 cm/6 tall.

  31. regardin yer recent kweschun …
    uv course! dat’z verree nice uv u to ask … i never ask … i jus borrow pikshurz widowt askin! (har!)

  32. We hope you have fun playing with the cars on the road below you. Just don’t let your paws get run over. That would hurt a lot.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

    PS – Congratulations to the hotties

  33. it looks like you’re heading west on the 520 bridge–also known as the evergreen point floating bridge.


  34. oh my goodness! yoo iz on da bridge! yoo be careful!

  35. Wow! That is a cool bridge! And you look like you are having fun Chey playing with the cars!
    Your FL furiends,

  36. Miss Peach says:

    I would be delighted for you to use any photo of me that you would like….you do not need at ask me but thank you for your polite manners Chey! I really like that photo of you infront of the Berlin wall. My Lapdaddy was there when it was built!! He was in the Air Force…my mommy is German and she was there when the wall came down! Cool huh!

  37. Chey … Mom said that she drove over that place when she was in Seattle last month. She says that it floats … maybe … an’ that the U of W is in the distance. She also said to be furry careful ‘cuz the traffic there was nearly as bad as in San Diego.

  38. Chey, I thot maybe you was crossin da Mississississississississississississippi River, but Mom said mosta them bridges go up, not down.
    Ivar’s! You mentioned Ivar’s! Dad LUVS Ivar’s, not the one on the pier but the dingy one unner ::gasp:: anofur BRIDGE! Anywho, he tooked Mom an the boy there when they was in Seattle in 2004. Go, Ivars! But… they didn’t save any leftofurs for ME! What Mom? I wasn’t efun borned yet? SO WHAT?!?!

  39. Ah, Chey, we don’t think you are supposed to play in da traffic. Might be dangerous or somefing.

    Mindy & Moe

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