Find Chey Friday

You would think I was particularly lost this week given those great kitty drugs I got! However, I was waylaid by the thought of food! I guess you just can’t keep a hungry cat down. Can I get some of that great shrimp?!

Who wants to join me here? Well you just have to find me first!!!

Find Chey Friday Rules here! Be the first or most creative and be my Sunday Guest Star! Last week, Pepi was actually both!



  1. I think you have teleported into the dream I’m going to have tonight!

  2. The Seattle Fish market where they do the great Fish Philosophy that mom teaches her students?

    How are your teeth Chey dear?

    Purrs from Pyewacket.

  3. I’m thinkin the Pike Place Market.

  4. Oah Wowww…you are so so tiny in this picture~!

  5. We can’t see anything in this picture, Chey! Help, I think we’re going blind! Aaaaack!

  6. I do not know where you are but , we wanted to se ehow you are feeling after the dental surgery. Our mommy goes for a cleaning today…

  7. Shrimp? Did someone say SHRIMP?
    Succulent Huge Robust Indescribale Mouthwatering Prawn.
    Are you at the Cape Canaveral fish market?
    Ooops, wrong coastline, wrong time zone, wrong ocean!

  8. yer sumware i wood like to be …
    an i wood be standin rite nex to u … SHRIMP!!!

  9. did anyone throw a fish to you?

  10. You are at a fish market Chey, which is most kitties’ dream! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. nom nom nom

    whaddaya say Chey?

    Awwwww dis is da life….

    and hello Miss Gemini I’ll bring ya a big piece of lobster tail….

  12. My lovely Simba and Persia had to move away. This has been one of the most sad times in my life. They both went to very wonderful owners that I know; but still it has been very hard on us to have to give them up!

    Please throw up a prayer or two for us as well.

    Simba and Persiaโ€™s Human

  13. Yeah Skeezix!!! You got it!!! Now which Skeezix photo should I choose to feature?

  14. Nevermind where you are, did you get FISH????

  15. Oh, Chey, we know you can’t eat shrimp right now, so we think you must be determined to not let your oral surgery keep you from your duties. You’re a peach!

  16. You’re in my “happy place” with all those fishes around!

  17. I sees you want to enter the contest, but I cant’s find ya. Can you’s make a bigger picshur?

  18. I am thinking you are in a fish market in Japan! I can’t get anymore specific than that! Hope you are feeling okay after yesterdays visit to the v-e-t.

  19. Forget that full monty picture of mine. It’s thinkin of all that yummy fish that’s got me all hot and bothered!!! Nom nom nom indeed!

  20. Some sort of Seattle fish market. Definitely.

  21. Did they puree the fish for you??? I’ll put it in a blender if you would like. Fish Market of sorts but other than that…no idea.

  22. is that a market in new westminster, va?

    Oh who am I kidding, I have no idea! x

  23. Oh, before I forget, I tagged you for a meme x

  24. We think you are making a campaign stop at a local diner to show the voters that you are “just one of the folks”. But we hope ya made sure to be shown eatin a catfish or perch or somethin like that. Eatin fancy stuff like mussels or trout might not look right.

  25. We think it is da Pike Place Market in Seattle, but we would say Ah, a see food place…and no we din’t mis-spell sea! Mmm, we would sure like to be der wif yoo. How are yoor teef doing, or should we say where yoor teef useta be.

  26. I guess the Pike Place Market in Seattle too, I like how they throw the fishes. If I ever get to go there I would jump up and catch the fish in mid-air!

    I hope your mouth is feeling better. Will you be getting dentures?

  27. I see you went out to get some more enforcers. Isn’t that what the live mussels are?

  28. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!
    This birthday has been the best!!!
    Looks like you are in a ‘happy’ place ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Purrs Mickey

  29. Wherefur you are, it looks like you’re surrounded by lotsa yummiferous stuffies!

    I hope yur feelin better and better aftur yur dental workies!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  30. Ahhh…well darn…Skeezix beat us to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Did you get some of those live local mussels?
    Not The Mama likes mussels in garlic sauce – I think I’d go for a shrimpie myself!

  32. That looks like a superb place to hang out!
    I love fish!!

    Happy week-end <3

  33. Chey, we hope your mouth after your toothie surgery is doing fine! As far as figuring out where you are, we have no clue, but we would love to be there! We don’t know about Simon however, he doesn’t even like crab legs! Momma and Daddy are having them tonight for dinner so hopefully we will get some … hee hee! Hope you are feeling better furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina and Sam

  34. Wow, Chey, did you get to sample all that seafood?

    Mindy & Moe

  35. Chey! Chey! There’s a naughty cat livin’ out my window! It’s name is Puss, Puss, Pussy.

    Well, that’s what mom calls it and we all come RUNNING when she yells it out.

    We are usually sound asleep when she yells it out, and we jump up and scream out at it through the window. We can’t get at it, so we sometimes whap each other. Trixie has a huge claw mark down her white nosey now.

  36. Ewwww, where is the bun food?

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